“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage/journey to Zion.”- Psalm 84:5

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oh how I want to be able to multi task !

Oh how I wished I could multi task like this young girl!  I am trying to load and edit pictures of the last leg of our coast trip.  Annnnd at the same time teaching homeschool, learning how to cook and eat on the GAPS diet, keep the house in some kind of sane order, volunteer, be a wife and mom, and sneak in a stitch here and there. I am determined to get up my post tomorrow and then a post in memory of my sweethearts and my 22 wedding anniversary this Saturday.  All coming soon.  As I said this time I am determined to not slack off on my blogging.  Hope you enjoy this talented young girl and her talent and the grace she has to keep going even if she dropped a stitch.  

Friday, October 19, 2012

Trip Ramblings Pt.2

Well, the second part of our trip was spent at my moms.  We did a lot of shopping as usual, getting things at a good price.  Thankful for good prices down in the States.  We also got to go on field trips for example the Seattle Science Center to see the King Tut Exhibit.  On the way from visiting Lisa@Happy In Dole Valley we got to see my younger brother.  And there was a day my brother came over from Seattle to visit one day.  What a wonderful visit with all my family.  The next part of my trip ramblings will be when we saw my two boys and my DIL.  So a part 3 is still to come and then I'm done rambling about our coastal trip.  Hope you like the slide show.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Trip Ramblings Pt. 1

We went on a coastal trip a few weeks ago.  In the beginning we dropped off our 2ds at his older brothers to start his new life on his own.  Yes #2 out of 4 boys has flown the nest now.  We are adjusting once again to set one less plate at the table and adjusting to now only having two boys at home.  I am thankful that Luke has a stepping stone into his new life by being able to move in with his brother and SIL plus one other roommate.  It will be good financially  for them all and also have good support too.  Please pray for Luke as he is looking for a job.  I pray it won't take too long for him to find a job so this mama's heart will be at rest.

We had lovely weather while driving 

And I snuck  pictures of the boys when I could.

One of the neatest highlights at the beginning of our trip was getting the chance for our family to meet Lisa's family @ Happy In Dole Valley   .  It is a wonderful blessing to see such a dear blogging friend in 3D, such a blessing.

I loved how the boys clicked 

We went to some of their  favorite places...

A Lego store

Their swimming hole

Lisa's dd stayed warm and watched the boys swim in the chilly water.

They took us for a very lovely walk on a forest trail near by.

I also loved how our hubby's got along so well.  The week end get away in Dole Valley was a treat indeed.  And I feel a life long friendship is now cemented.

And I cannot post this post without sharing what I stitched on while knitting with Lisa. And Lisa worked on her project HERE.

Part 2 of Trip Ramblings to come soon.

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