“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage/journey to Zion.”- Psalm 84:5

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Best Laid Plans vs Reality

There is best laid plans and then there is reality. I had really hoped to keep up with my challenges that I joined, for example 52 week Organized Home Challenge and 30 Day Health Challenge in 30 Weeks. They will still happen but I have to plug away at them a bit slower though. All in it's own time I guess. But then my frozen shoulder started to rear it's ugly head on Thursday. Friday I was pretty much horizontal laying on my back most of the time to relive some of the pain. Friday my chiropractor squeezed me in for a treatment and by Monday he had diagnosed me with a frozen shoulder. All week-end I was on my back icing it with my gel pack. Trying to knit, dozing here and there, asking the boys to help with some of the things to keep things moving along in the home. What a humbling experience indeed. Monday I went for another adjustment from the chiropractor and he showed me some stretches and up'ed my fish oil dosage. If you didn't know fish oil is amazing! Here are eight proven benefits of fish oil. There was one option to get a cortisone shot but both Handsome and I decided to go the natural way instead... prayer, stretches, fish oil, and chiropractor care, and all in good time. So for now I will have to pace my self and knit lots.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Love the 23 Day Frugal Living Challenge!

I have to say that this is one of the best Frugal challenges I have seen in a long time. Why? it is because it gets you to sit and think. Not only all the nifty ways to cut costs but it gets you to really look at how you look at things for example...attitude of your contentment in life. I have been on this frugal trek for at least 18 years now. I have a saying that I have said for many years..."I cut so many corners that I am down to a circle". It is not easy at times living on a very modest level of income but with that said I wouldn't choose to live any other way than simply. I don't want to be a slave to a rat race plus I don't want the stress of trying to live outside of our means either. Well, the Lord keeps showing me better things , better ways and then shows me how to do it frugally.

Lately I have been learning a lot about how to make food in a much healthier way but if you are not careful it can get quite expensive. Recently I am finding ways to make good food but in a more attainable and economical way. Also I have to have the perspective that....

Pinned Image

Because of this perspective it has opened my mind to what I should be eating and not eating. One way to make this way of eating more attainable is to make as much of it myself from scratch. I guess that is a large part of why I am not blogging as much. Yes it takes a bit of time but the level my health has taken is unbelievably better. I can say that my adrenal gland fatigue is pretty much gone. If you asked me if I could say that this time a year ago I would have really doubted you. I like how this frugal challenge doesn't sacrifice your health and I love it.

This challenge touches a lot on being content. I have done almost everything I can to save money and still it can be challenging. I keep hoping to create some more breathing room in our finances. I do feel there is some breathing room but with the rising cost of living recently has made the breathing room a little less than I would like. That is where God is working on my attitude the and heart the most. That is where I have to let go and let God. I have to trust in Him that He will provide what is needed. I appreciated Andrea's posts about what is a want and what is a need. That post with another post also Redefining Frugality really got me looking deep inside.

Two other posts that really got me thinking was The 30-Day List and How To Stop Spending Money to Impress Other People. I really suggest you take it from the beginning and read through the challenges. I feel everyone would come away with something that got you thinking and asking yourself what you could do better. I know I did!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sharing My Finished Objects and What's In My Yarn Basket

Remember this picture? ( I started this project last summer( here is a picture of it's beginning)

Well here is (finally) the F.O. aka a "finished object".

Another F.O. is Handsome's birthday socks. Plus I have started on Luke's ( 2ds) socks.

Back when Handsome and I went south of the ( Canadian) border to Spokane Washington to our Anniversary get away. I went to Micheal's craft store to stock up my yarn basket. I got each a ball of sock yarn for Handsome, Luke, Noah and Nicolas. I picked out some pretty purple yarn to knit a Wasabi cowl for me and some yellow green yarn to knit a Tea Leaves Cardigan. And I also found in my yarn stash some spring green cotton yarn to knit me a Shalom Cardigan II too. Plus in my knitting basket is some grey and green wool for me to knit me some felted slippers. Hmmm this time round I am knitting for me... which is rare. I tend to keep busy knitting for others but not so this time. So here you have it the scoop of what has been and is on my needles.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Free Book! ~ Organized Simplicity

Just to update everyone it is no longer free for everyone. (It is still free for Amazon Prime members) It just changed this AM.

This is book is currently free on Kindle: (It is currently free....please make sure to check price before checking out to make sure it still is free.)
Organized Simplicity
I have yet to read it yet, but it came highly recommended to me.

You do NOT have to have a kindle to read the book. You can read a kindle book from your computer (PC or Mac) or phone as well. You can get the FREE Kindle app here:http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=dig_arl_box?ie=UTF8&docId=1000493771

Friday, January 20, 2012

30 Week HEALTH CHALLENGE...Challenge #3 ~ Dry Brushing

I know what you are thinking...wait a minute she is on #3 challenge isn't she? Well, yes I am on week 3 but I skipped one on yoga and I am going to wait to do one on spinach when I have some in the garden. [o= It is very white and cold outside and no spinach to be seen.

I have to rave about this challenge. I have been dry brushing for a few weeks now and LOVE love love it. It feels amazing and it is a wonderful way to tighten up your skin, make it smooooth and soft, and get rid of toxins. Plus I have to say it is helping me with my varicose veins. Yes, they are fading. ((happy dance))

To learn how to dry brush your face too. Go HERE.

Other than this I have to say that I have maintained my weight loss and I will be measuring myself tonight and update my measurements on this post tomorrow. I am getting stronger and love how my back doesn't hurt anymore. T-tapp seem to put my upper back into place each time I do it. I have been doing the Basic Workout Plus 3-4 times/wk and I will be starting Hoedowns, Primary Back Stretch and Walk Away the Inches on the off days and take Sunday's totally off. I didn't get to posting what I have been doing in the kitchen ...yet but it is to come. I am still tweaking and experimenting. I don't want to share till I know what I share are winners.


I have decreased 1/2 inch in my waist, ribs, abdominal, and upper thighs. Lately I have noticed shape changes more than anything. I love how things are smoothing out and taking a more pleasant shape. Slow and steady wins the race. I look forward to where I will be in 6 months to a year from now. Oh btw I only measure myself once a month. I don't do well if I measure any more often that that.

Joining in on...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's A Winter Wonderland Here

I have really noticed that when winter comes I tend to with drawl a little and reflect. I guess this is my way of hibernating. Then I notice that I have done that and I then make a extra effort to come out and let others know what I am doing, learning, and thinking. I don't know if that is because I am so tired from what I did in the fall or if it is the season influencing me. We have had a funny winter like so many others. We have been hovering around freezing and I wish It would just make up it's mind and "be" winter. We like it about -4 to -10*C about 20* F is nice. It makes the snow powdery and easier to drive in. But at that same token not TOO cold either.
I have been learning a lot about my new way of cooking by using Nourishing Traditions and blog sites that base their recipes on that style of cooking. I have been making bread, cream cheese, buttermilk, fermented bean spreads and so much more. I wanted to share my bread recipe but I have one little hang up. I have stopped using olive oil while baking and I am trying to learn how to have light and fluffy bread while using butter instead. I haven't nailed it quite yet and I hope to real soon. As soon as I do I will share my recipe, I promise. But before I do that I will have to show what is on my knitting needles and in my yarn basket. I hope you are warm and happy where ever you are.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

30 Week HEALTH CHALLENGE...Challenge #2 ~ Eating Whole Foods

I have to update you on what I learned. Drinking green tea is included in your water intake for the day. I was feeling discouraged and feeling like I couldn't drink enough but I read this week that green tea can be included as your water intake. I also drink a apple cider tonic in the morning and I do that instead of the lemon water. I am allergic to lemon and this is a alternative to lemon water. I also count that as one of my glasses of water too. [o= By counting them I am reaching my water take goal each day.

Ohhh to clarify I am not vegan. We do eat meat but not tons. We keep it to a pound for 6 people or 1-2 cups in a meal, depending what the meal is.

~ Recipe for Produce Wash:
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 1 tbsp baking soda
Method: Mix vinegar & baking soda in spray bottle first.
Then add water. Make this one with your kids as they'll
love the volcanic action!
Spray on produce & let sit a few minutes before rinsing off.
Always use on non-organic produce!

This is a easy challenge for me this week. I have for many years been working on this and getting better at it as the years go by. Lately I have been discovering a whole new slant on whole foods. I have been learning how to soak, sprout, and ferment my grains and legumes. I have also been tweaking what we will and won't make sure we buy organic. I didn't realize that potatoes were on the dirty dozen. So, we will have to make sure we buy organic ones next week. It is a good thing we only have one or two meals a week of potatoes. I couldn't totally give them up for they are one of my favorite foods and my boys would be extremely sad if I did. I just apply what Teresa Tapp recommends on God Made Days and Man Made Days of foods and breaks in between. Yes, potatoes are God made but they spike the insulin so we make sure there are two days in between having them.

My health has improved dramatically sense I have done this. ( thank you Lord for showing me this in the Maker's Diet) My Adrenal Gland Fatigue seems to be pretty much gone, PTL! I have been very busy in the kitchen trying out all kinds of stuff aka my science experiments. [o= I do promise I will start sharing this coming week what I have been learning. The first thing I will share is my bread recipe. I think I finally nailed it and got it to where I really like it. I will know in 20 minutes when the bread comes out of the oven. It looks so fluffy and and good.

Praying you all are enjoying the videos as much as I am.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

52 Weeks Organized House Challenge ~ Kitchen Counter Update

It took me a while to update my Kitchen Counter challenge, sorry. I kept working hard to get it all nice and spic and span but I had to keep making food while doing it. I started to feel discouraged but I pressed on. On Sunday night hubby and I went out to his ( belated ) staff yearly appreciation dinner. There was A LOT of staff sick in December so it was postponed till January. We got to stay the night at the hotel (at his work) too and had a get away night. I had forgotten that Monday was my Crisis Preg. Center board meeting and shift. That meant I didn't come home till 6:30 on Monday night. I got back to working on it Tuesday and part of Wednesday among-st lessons and other chores but I finally did it. And the pictures are proof. [o= As I was going through my stuff on the counters I kept asking myself do I really need this in the kitchen? Do I really need this? Could I do without this? Does it fit my goals for the kitchen? Does it help me or hinder me? I was able to get rid of some things and re arranged some things. Some things went down to the pantry. I was very pleased with my results.

This coming week the challenge is....

(click on picture to go to challenge)

Week #2 Organized Home Challenge
Kitchen Drawers & Kitchen Cabinet Organization

This week's challenge is all about kitchen drawer and kitchen cabinet organization, where you will both declutter and organize things in a way where you can easily access what you need, when and where you need it.

Thank you for all your sweet encouragement. It sure helped me when I felt like giving up.

Friday, January 6, 2012

52 Weeks Organized House Challenge

I have a confession to make. I am not Super Mom and I do not have a perfectly clean and organized home. I loved this challenge ( and as some have come to know I LOVE challenges) and feel inspired to join in. I love that it breaks it down and will be completed in a year. A whole year... and it will build good habits over time. That means there is a good chance that I will continue to apply it in my life and "keep" a clean and organized house going. Wouldn't that be wonderful?!?

(click graphic to go to site)

Week # 1 Assignment is...

kitchen organization

(click to go to original post)

I will try really hard to get some pictures loaded in the next hour or so to show the before and after. Yes, I will be honest and exposed. This is hard so be gentle with me and only leave encouraging notes .


Okay ,this is the bad and ugly good will come soon! This is what it looked like this morning. ((SIGH)) I have been busy with making ALL kinds of food and one of my sons didn't get to his dishes last night. I will post the after pictures tomorrow. After...I work on it some more. ((BLUSH))

It is taking longer because I am having to attend to some work for my MIL I need to do. I am cutting labels for our family garden seed company.


After is coming soon.

If you join in please let me know you did and I will cheer you on too!:wahoo

IT is soooooooooooo hard to click the publish button. Uggghhhh

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Journey To Better Health Continues into 2012~ Increasing Water Intake

I have found that I LOVE challenges and found one I liked. This one was a 30 day health challenge but I don't feel compelled to post all 30 and not all in one months time. I will post one a week that I want to challenge myself with and share with you while doing it. This first challenge is actually very hard for me. I never knew how hard it was going to be for me but I am determined to master it, drinking enough water. I hope you enjoy these health posts for the next while. I will post one a week till I am done and hopefully be healthier in the end with some good habits starting to be established.

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