“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage/journey to Zion.”- Psalm 84:5

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Loading Them Up

Today is a hard day for this mama. My 1ds Philip and his bride Essie are packing up and moving to the coast. I know it isn't that far away but it is another heart string this mama has to let be cut. Philip will be going to chef school in the spring and so they want to go and establish themselves with jobs and such before April comes and school starts. I pray many blessings on them and I know that Essie will love being close to family , their church family there and the fun of city life. It will be strange knowing we can't just drop in and visit but we pray many blessings on them in this new chapter in their marriage. ( October 23 will be their one year anniversary! [o= ) I am so thankful for these two and will miss them more than they know.


  1. Oh this mother hears you..but I am also so glad you had them close for that time, how precious. Many blessings to them as they venture into a new journey in life.

  2. Oh, wow!...We still have all of our children at home...but I know the day is soon coming....May the Lord bless them as they seek His guidance!

  3. Oh Mary, I know this feeling. I thought I would die when my daughter moved away from home...even if it was only across town. Praying blessings on those kids and comfort for your Mommy heart.

  4. Mary - Having recently sent my dd and SIL off to England, I know the heartache you feel. Trusting the Lord as our children grow, marry, and begin their own lives is our calling. I will be praying for you, SSIC, and for your Philip and his beloved as they begin the next chapter in their story. :) Just wondering how far the coast is from you? Blessings upon you and them! ~Lisa

  5. Lisa
    The coast is about a 10 hour drive. We only seem to be able to get to the coast about once a year and if we are fortunate we get a second time.

  6. Ten hours! I will pray you get two visits in. :) ~L

  7. Lisa, I am hoping to look a bit more like this...

    (go here [o= )


  8. I know mama. It may not be that far away... but it's away. :(

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. 10 hours is a long way. I hope you all get to see eachother soon.

  10. Ooooh, I feel that mama-heart-string tugging! I've been wrapping my own mind around the fact that Bryan will be going somewhere (we're not sure exactly where yet, waiting to hear on a few options) in June...and, depending on what happens then, he may never live back here at home again. I've been wistful often, weepy once. But then again, dearest Mary-Girl, I remember how excited I was to go...go away...with my sweetheart and to start my own life with him. So that brings excitement into my heart, too. Even so, I still am wistfully excited...

    I'll cry with you when they have finally gone...and will pray for more than one opportunity for all of you to reunite each year!

    Love you, sweet friend!

  11. Oh, I know it will be sad. But, there really is no greater joy than knowing that your child is living according to the will of God... learning a skill to support his family, being anxious for a church family. All wonderful gifts...

    Praying for you!

  12. What a sweet picture of them. I can't even imagine letting them go, but it sounds like they have some good plans. Plus it's nice to have family around, so it will be good her family is out there. Praying for you all. :)

  13. Oh, dear Mary - I understand!
    My eldest son moved out 6 years ago and lives 10 hours away from us in another state.
    It can feel like it's a whole world away some days :-(
    We try to see him at least a couple of times a year and are grateful for every minute together!
    We are all hoping to go away together for a family holiday next year, which will be wonderful!!
    You will never stop missing your son and your daughter-in-law..but it will get better with time and lots of text messages lol!
    They look like a lovely young couple :-)
    much love and blessings..Trish

  14. I don't know how I'll handle it when my kids move out...I'll probably be a wreck! Maybe you'll be down more often? Thank goodness for modern communication.
    What a lovely picture of them!

  15. I know exactly how I will feel when mine move even farther away. The time at school has been hard enough, and the potentials right now for my older one are downright scary. I am so grateful for a God who goes with them.

    Big huge hugs to you from me.

  16. ((((Hugs))) Those heart string tug are a bit painful at times. I'm experiencing some on a different path, but nonetheless, they are there.

    I pray that you feel at peace during the transition.

  17. Oooh, I dread those days. They're a ways away yet, but we know how quickly time moves these days. I'm spending some time catching up with you today. Big hugs from me to you!


  18. Oh this is so hard for us moms! Our oldest is 6 hours away and always a phone call away. Thankfully we are on the same plan so phone calls are free. The sibs miss them too. I love the reunions.
    They look so wonderful! Lovely picture!

  19. Dear friend! I will chime in with all the others and say that I will pray for you. (((hugs)))

  20. Oh sweet Mary, I pray that the Lord will get you through this new transition in your life.

    These two make such a beautiful couple as well!

    P.S. How is your diet/exercise plan working for you these days?


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