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Monday, September 19, 2011

Going to the Fall Harvest Fair

It was a busy, fun week-end getting ready and sharing a table with my friend at the harvest fair. I am sooooooo thankful that my sweetie helps me in the making of the rhubarb and rhubarb raspberry juice. I don't think I would have got it done at a reasonable hour if it wasn't for him. I have forgotten to share that it was my hubby who taught me to can food years ago. His mother cans so much and when he grew up he and his brother were expected to help so they would have food to eat for the winter. Hmmmm I think I may do so changing around here and get the boys in the kitchen with me on this. [o=

At the fair was Irish dancing, people playing instruments and lots of singing. While you watch the slide show hit captions and it tells a little bit more. I did pretty good this fair. I sold out of the juice and fudge and the candle sale a bit slow this time. But the good thing is I can take the left over candles to the next fair. Now I only have to make some tapers , twisted tapers, tea lights, and some votives for November. Plus I will be making more juice and fudge too. I am planning to add to the November fair some beaded work like....beaded bookmarks, knitters and crocheters beaded stitch markers and some beaded earrings. I think that will keep me busy enough to stay out of trouble. If all goes well at the end of the two fairs I will have enough money saved up to buy my new camera, Lord willing.

I hope you enjoyed my little slide show. And I might suggest to play this song video while you watch. Enjoy!


  1. It looks like a fun show! And of course your booth looks fabulous. Congrats on your sales and hope you do even better at the next one...

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. Wonderful! So glad you did well. Everything looked so nice and inviting.

  3. We went to a Fall Fair on Saturday and I thought of you when I walked past a table full of candles. Theirs weren't nearly as pretty as yours.

    It looks like your fair was quite fun. Glad you were able to sell so much juice and fudge.

  4. Mary, what is the wood building that I see by the paraders?

    What a lovely outdoor festival...I love that it's on grass, not on a blacktop parking lot :-)

    If you have any candles leftover, I'm sure you'll have lots of takers from amongst your bloggy friends! But I will pray that you sell out in November.


  5. Mary,
    Looks like so much fun! Wish I could have been there to sample your goodies. :)

  6. It all looks like a wonderful autumn adventure to me. I imagine that it even smells fallish. Don't tell me if I'm wrong. I like my imagination. I like the look of your booth, and the clown parade made me grin.

  7. I really enjoyed your slide show. Everything looks fun and enjoyable!

  8. Looks like a nice way to spend your day!

  9. Oh what a grand day! Looks like you had great weather!
    I think you worked hard a deserve a camara! ;-D
    Blessings and Hugs Linnie

  10. Good for you Mary! Wow, all that juice was sold - that must be one delicious treat ;-D



  11. What fun! Was the fair on both Saturday and Sunday or just Saturday? I'd love to do an open-air fair, but our local ones require you to be there for the full weekend, so we never sign up. My bazaars are all indoors in school gyms, so the atmosphere isn't quite the same as yours which looks wonderful. The feeling of fall really comes through in your pictures, especially with that hat you're wearing. :) Looking forward to seeing what you create for your November fair! Hope it's successful for you. Many blessings, ~Lisa

  12. Love the slide show! Your boothe is very nice looking.

  13. Your fair looks just like our local ones, Mary!
    We also have an annual Highland Gathering here with Irish and Scottish dancing, bagpipe bands, marching and games etc..
    We love it :-)
    I'm glad you did well after all your hard work - you certainly did deserve to!
    It's great that you can use the excess candles for the next one.
    Tell me dear friend..do you ever stop and simply relax?
    It seems like you always have something "on the go" lol!
    Hope you are enjoying the beauty of Autumn in your lovely part of the world now.
    Thanks for the great comment you left me today.
    Have a blessed day, my friend..Trish

  14. oops I forgot to say how wonderful your photos are !!
    I love the music you put with them too :-)

  15. Trish,

    I look at my brothers and sister and we always seem to be busy. I think it is a family trait. ((blush))

    I tend to be busy and I REALLY look forward to the end of November to February/March and I tend to snuggle up and knit for the winter. [o=


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