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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Zigged When I Should Have Zagged

Yesterday I was thinking it would be a good time for me to come out of my cocoon. But then I guess subconsciously I felt I needed some spice to my life to share and I almost (...practically) cut the tip of my big toe off while making cultured milk smoothies for the guys. (((SIGH))) How you might ask? Well, I was finished making them and even poured them into the glasses and when I was tilting up the food processor container and the blade fell out and got my toe. Did I feel DUMB....yes! So off to the emergency Handsome took me to get stitches. It took 6 or 7 stitches to repair my poor toe. That is the kind of excitement I can do with out for sure, uggghhh.

These are the shoes I sure could use right now to protect my toe while I am cooking for the next week or two.

Diamond Design Clown Shoes (DCS-02) - Click Image to Close

I think and pray the things I will share of what is going on in my corner of the woods will be less dramatic.


  1. Oh my! Sorry to hear this! I've often regretted not wearing shoes while I cook, but never do. I once dropped a knife on the top of my foot, blade tip down. *blush* Take care! (((hugs)))

  2. Oh MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sending you my prayers and a good mommy hug!! I am so sorry!!! I have done things like that before and just stand amazed that it happened.

    You take care of yourself!!

  3. Ohhhh! I cringed when I read your post. I can identify. I sliced my index finger on the food processor blade just last week. Scary! I pray your poor toe will heal quickly and you won't have to wear those colourful shoes too long ;o).

    Blessings and hugs!

  4. Those shoes crack me up! But, "oh my", about your toe! I hope it will feel better soon. Praise the Lord that it didn't do any nerve damage or anything else!
    Hugs, Carmen

  5. Oh, so sorry, glad it wasn't any worse. I look forward to when you can blog more, miss you.

  6. Oh sweet friend! I am so sorry. I hope you feel better real soon.

  7. Oh poor Mary!! what an awful shock for you!!
    Praising the LORD that it wasn't worse and that you still have your big toe!
    My hubby was using a pick-axe between his bare feet the other day and totally freaked me out!
    Scarey stuff :-(
    Praying God's blessings on you today, my sweet friend!

  8. Mary, Mary, Mary... Thank the Lord it wasn't worse! You got me laughing pretty hard with the shoes (or as my kids would type -- LOL!). Hope your guys enjoyed the smoothies and that your toe heals quickly.

    Nice to see you back here in the bloggy world, my friend. :)


  9. At first I thought, "Making smoothies with her feet?" They really do things differently up there...

    I'm so glad to know that 1. You were not making them with your feet, and 2.) Your Man got you to doctor so you could get the stitches. OUCH OUCH OUCH and take care.

    (You've been missed while cocooning.)

  10. Ouch, Mary! But I see you've kept your sense of humor. :-) Hope you'll recover quickly.

    So good to see you back around here--I've missed you.

    Stay safe and blessed!

  11. Mary - are you alright? Oh my friend - be safe dear one. I know you wrote it with a bit of humor, but it must hurt.

    Yes, tomorrow is just fine, then explain please!


  12. So glad it wasn't worse, Mary-Girl...praying for relief of the pain that I know happens after the local wears off and those stitchies start aching...and for complete and quick healing of the cut! You poor girl! A little ice helps, btw, even on the stitchies. <3


  13. Oh, dear Mary! I hope you recover quickly! (And I love the shoes! hehe.)
    Hugs to you!

  14. Oh my! Poor thing! But those shoes are hilarious!

  15. Oh dear! That sounds painful! I'm just glad that you are okay. I hope you recover soon.

  16. Hi Mary,
    So sorry to hear about your trip to the emergency room! I hope you are not in a lot of pain because of this.

    Thank you for coming by and saying Hi. I hope to be more blog-active, at least to keep up with you and my other dear friends.

    I enjoyed your last two posts - I think we've been in the same place - I've so enjoyed my family this past year, the year that I majorly slacked off blogging! It's amazing how much a little here, a little there, eats up so much time! I have just been sitting back, enjoying the homestead, my husband, and my children. I think time moved more slower before the world of blogging! Yet, it's kind of fun to share our little spot in the world, too. There's a good balance there, somewhere....

    I love your online store idea. If you can do it without too much investment of time, go for it! Also, I have come across something VERY interesting that I am looking into right now. I came across this blog that this Christian lady offers consulting (at a reasonable price) your blog, and helping you learn how to "Monitize" (i.e. make money :) on your blog by ads. Maybe this would help you too! I'm just at the discovery stage, so there's not much I can tell you about it, or even if it will work for me with the amount of time I have (or don't)

    Are you still participating in any blog forums? IF you are, let me know, I kind of miss that sort of thing.

    Your friend,
    Ranch Shekinah

  17. Mary,
    I forgot to mention that I'm in a major reorganization process, too. So when your feeling overwhelmed at times (if and when you do) think of me. I'm there!
    Lots of Hugs,

  18. Oh dear. I'm glad it wasn't worse my dear. I'm always afraid of that food processor blade too, but thankfully nothing has happened, yet. Don't forget the red nose too to go with the shoes. jk. Love you!


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