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Friday, September 2, 2011

A Homeschool Mother's Journal

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week…

Today we are getting ready for our BIG 4.7 mile hike up to the lodge and stay for two nights. ( I won't be around till next week to visit ) It is a lodge that is run'd by BC parks. We have to pack all our food and bedding (bunk beds are there) in and hike all our garbage out. All what we need to cook on is there. ( PTL) I am also trying to preserve any of the fruit and veggies today that cannot wait till we get back from the hike.

Here was our trip in September 2008

In our homeschool this week… I am not starting till next week.

I am inspired by…all the posts that I am finding on lacto fermenting. ( pickling without canning)

My favorite thing this week was… on Monday when I got to spend the whole day with my DIL chatting and drawing. She is getting me motivated to pick up my drawing pencils again. It felt good just to sit and draw.

Things I’m working on…making lacto fermented pickles...cucumbers, dilly beans. And I am drying zucchini and green beans.

I’m reading… More Charlotte Mason Education...A Homeschooling How-To Manual by Catherine Levison.

I’m cooking… well it isn't really cooking it is making. I am Making lacto- fermented dilly beans and mixing frozen slice and bake cookies to take up to the lodge. We will bake them there. [o= What kinds you might ask? I am making oatmeal cookie dough and Molasses Ginger Cookie dough.

I’m grateful for…the abundance that finally came out of the garden. Better late than never.

I’m praying for…a very good year of closeness and lots of learning in our little homeschool.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…


  1. Oh the goodness! We too won't start school until next week. Our church family camp is always the weekend following Labor Day weekend and we leave Thursday. No false starts for me. I start the following Monday!

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. OH May I join you this weekend...that would be heaven sent! Have a wonderful time and do report back.
    We have already started...Benjamin is just directing our path in his school...and I am following, it has been so much fun! The one in high school is adjusting and I am finding out we did accomplish something...we are still talking through all he is learning, and I am seeing him continue with his passions when at home.

    Have a wonderful time...refresh, relax and my you here the voice of God in all those moments of silence.

  3. Your post made me hungry, looks like you had a great week.

  4. Oh Mary....what a beautiful place you are going to. Enjoy yourself my friend.


  5. What an incredible place you're going to! The lodge looks cozy and the scenery is beautiful. Love the picture of you and your son in the slide show -- how sweet. Wishing you a restful and refreshing time away with your family! Blessings, ~Lisa

  6. I remember your hike before. I hope you have a great time up there. Can't wait to hear and see all about it. :)

  7. Hi, Mary!

    As usual, you're so inspiring...drawing, fermenting and canning, hiking...all the kinds of stuff I like, too. I hope you have a wonderful and as-restful-as-possible time (bear-free!).


  8. I hope to see lots of amazing, gorgeous photos from you next week! I hope you're having a super wonderful time together. :)


  9. Your yearly hike sounds so wonderful and I always enjoy the photos you post.We start school Wednesday...and I am so ready for it! Ready for the change in season and the routine once again.
    Your Molasses Cookie Dough sounds wonderful...please share! Hope your time away was blessed and refreshing ( although so much work!)

  10. Hope y'all had a wonderful hike. It is so beautiful up there as I recall from your past photos of the lodge.

    I really need to get back to lacto-fermenting. It's been too long since I've done that.

  11. Sounds like a lot of fun! Looking forward to seeing more pictures!

  12. This looks like a fabulous adventure that I would love to join! I am looking forward to seeing your pictures.

    And, I am looking forward to you sharing with us about your homeschool year as well. We are starting in a week or so too.

  13. So happy for you, Mary-Girl! Enjoy that hike and the lodge...I'll be camping this weekend (the 9th-11th) with my dh and ds's and another family we are close friends with. Just going to a Christian conference center that has a campground near a lake...it's not a gorgeous place, but I'm happy to be getting away for a weekend and the temps at night should be chilly, so the campfire will be perfect. I can't wait to see your pics and read about your hike in and your stay! I'll have to watch my videos of the Canadian Rockies again to get me in the real feeling of the place :-)

    Love you, so very much, and miss talking with you! Sending you lots of {{{HUGS}}}...


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