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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Garlic Festival Finds

Ohhh the beginnings of fall is here. Fall festivals, windy cloudy days, change in lighting outside, feeling overwhelmed with all the harvest jobs on top of trying to get schooling into a routine and getting ready for the fall festival. ( all at the same time LOL)

But I have to share my treasures I found while rubbing noses with the farmers and artistians on Sunday. We went to our Garlic Festival in our area and oh how fun it was. The sad thing to report was once again my batteries in my camera ( after leaving home, ((sigh)) ) were dead. So no pictures were taken at the festival. ((double sigh)) It was a beautiful sunny day and all kinds of good things to see and taste. [o=

The main thing I had set out to find was a fair trade African basket, and I found mine. Then I went around the fair filling it up with treasures. What kind of treasures do you ask? Well, let me tell you. In the picture you will see yellowish blocks in the basket. Those are my beeswax blocks I found at a honey booth. I got talking and asked the bee keeper if they also sold beeswax and they just happened to have some but just forgot to put it out. Ohhhh blessed me! I needed some to top off what I needed for the Craft fair in November that I am in. I am thankful and so blessed that the Lord took care of this for me.

We got a 10 lb string of onions, 6 lbs of garlic, two 40 lb bags of wheat berries for baking, and put in a order for our 15 butchered chickens ( not shone) , bag of carrots and some garlic syrup. Now this garlic syrup is amazing. You can use it in marinades and salad dressings or as a tonic for colds and flues. I just happened to start getting a sore throat yesterday and I took it right away. I also like the taste. [o= But you may not want to get too close after I have had some, lol. I bought a head band and necklace. I have a weakness for lamp work glass and when it is in my favorite green how could I resist??? I am very pleased with my finds this year.

As we were walking around I kept my eyes open for some decorative gourds. My candle molds that I caste for these candles are sadly beginning to tare. So, I will have to make new ones for the coming year or two. Last year I couldn't find any but I did this year. [o= And here are my sweet gourds that will soon be caste into molds. ( in a week or two) Aren't they cute...worts and all?


  1. I am so glad that you put that link for the candles. I don't know how, but I totally missed that post. I love them! I think I would love that garlic syrup too. Too bad no one would love me back...

  2. I love, love it all!! Have a wonderful day Mary!

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. I bet that was a fun festival to attend! I am still praying for you and your fall festival crafting!

  4. Oh my sweet Friend, what a precious time you have had! I am glad. Fall is truly visiting us...but only in the evenings :) The days are still plenty warm.

    Hubby will be with me until the end of the month. But we can begin our weekly visits next week :) PTL!!!!


  5. This is just great...I love visiting your world..thanks for sharing. Garlic syrup...haven't tried that but I do take garlic at the first sign of any illness

  6. What treasures! I love love love the basket, Mary! The headband and necklace, too. :-)

    Is the garlic syrup actually garlic oil? Or is it in some other kind of "carrier"? When I used to sell Watkins products, we had stuff called "liquid spice." It was super concentrated herb oils...not like "dipping oil," it was way too strong for that. But you used it when you wanted the flavor of fresh with the ease of dried herbs. I loved the garlic and oregano varieties of liquid spice.

    Hooray for beeswax...PTL God blessed you with just what you needed!

    Love you, miss you!

  7. Mary, I love how God takes care of us even in the little things. He knows every detail, even our wants and desires. You and I are both busy busy! May He bless our efforts to care for our families and homes over this coming winter.

    Can't wait to see more as you approach your fair--and don't forget to charge those batteries!!


  8. My goodness, Mary, garlic tonic? LoL just kidding because I personally believe garlic to be a cure-all straight from Heaven! I wish we had festivals here, like they do in other parts of the country. I do love me a good festival, fair, or church bazaar! I love that basket, too!

  9. I, too, love the basket -- so perfect for carrying all your fun purchases! I'm also curious about the garlic syrup. I see you purchased some beeswax; I can't wait for my candle!! (I know you're super busy, so no rush.)

    Blessings to you as you work so diligently with your hands. ~Lisa

  10. Looks and sounds like you found lots of fun things. Glad you had a good time. :)


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