“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage/journey to Zion.”- Psalm 84:5

Saturday, September 10, 2011

::right now::

right now...

:: marveling that I made 50 gourd candles in 2 days, whew!

::planning still to make fudge, rhubarb juice and raspberry rhubarb juice to sell at the fall fair on the 18th.

::feeling like the house is looking like a tornado hit it, sigh.

::hoping things will slow down in a week and couple days.

::wanting to settle in our homeschooling and spend lots of time having cozy read aloud's with the boys this fall and winter.

::thinking I need a date with my sweetie at the hot-springs near by after the fall fair. [o=

:: reminding myself take one day at a time and just do my best and not fret about the rest.

:: listening to the wonderful quietness this morning before the boys wake.

:: thankful for all the Lord has blessed me with... my men, good home, good food.

:: enjoying living a simple life. Simple doesn't equal easy but it does equal no worries and chasing after materialism.

:: thinking I need to sit down and write a rough schedule of when to make things so I don't have to do it all in the month of September, lol.

:: will be... picking and making crabapple jelly this or most likely next week.

:: stopping from time to time and taking a deep breath and being still and know that He is God.


  1. I am so happy of what you have accomplished dear friend!

    And keep your goals close as you move about. Think on them often. And breathe :D

    love you,

  2. Oh sweet friend! I can't wait for the fall fair to pass for your sake. I do hope it is a profitable time for you. The candles look beautiful. How is your eating doing these days? You've not said much.

  3. Good morning, Mary. I, too, am up before the rest. The house is quiet, so I have a few moments to drop in and wish you much success with your fall fair, the getaway with your man that you're hoping for, and praising God for your creativity!

    If you have a gourd candle leftover after your sale, I'd love to purchase one from you. :) My e-mail address is happyindolevalley@gmail.com, so feel free to drop me a line with the price and what shipping might be.

    Many blessings to you, ~Lisa

  4. Thank you all for your sweet words. I will be happy when I get get life back to normal instead of double or triple time, lol.


    No problem, I have extra wax and I can for sure send you a candle. I will be emailing you very soon. [o=

    Thank you and blessings!

  5. Jenn,

    I have maintained my 11 lbs weight loss. I haven't been a good girl with exercise the last 3 weeks. ((blush)) I am waiting ( kind of patiently) for my T-tap program that is coming in the mail. I am looking forward to losing inches with it. ((happy dance))


  6. That's great! Maintaining is key. I am in a slow and steady march to loosing inches as well. :-)

  7. Sounds like you are definitely keeping busy. I hope things continue to go well for you and your items for the fair. :)

  8. Oh how I love your candles!
    and YES to: enjoying living a simple life. Simple doesn't equal easy but it does equal no worries and chasing after materialism. This seems to be our family theme this year.
    Way to go on the weight loss and maintaining it!!!!

  9. Love those candles! I hope the fair goes (went?) well. Blessings!

  10. Again, your candles are wonderful! I'm so impressed by your resourcefulness Mary. I wish we were neighbors so we could work side by side and glean from one another... We could sing some of these wonderful songs you are always encouraging me with. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. Wow, those candles look great! I haven't been by in a while and wanted to say hello! Hope you guys are doing well!

  12. Love the style of this post :)

    I know you are super busy right now, but the season is soon approaching for you to slow down and rest. You are doing such a fabulous job of providing for your family and you really do remind me of the Proverbs 31 woman with all you do.

    Your T-Tapp will arrive soon, I am sure. You're going to love it. Did I mention that you might want to take ibuprofen or something around day two or three of bootcamp? Ya, I was that sore. But it is SO worth it to see the inches coming off and it doesn't hurt after the first week ;)

    Blessings to you and yours,

  13. Beautiful, beautiful candles!

    And yes, simple living is more work, but also more peaceful. Most of the time. Although I didn't feel too peaceful last night when a jar of tomato sauce broke in the canner! :(

    Annie Kate

  14. Wow!! You are seriously on top of things! Way to go! So, did you get that date with your sweetie yet?


Thank you, each sweet comment brightens my day. Blessings!

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