“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage/journey to Zion.”- Psalm 84:5

Saturday, July 30, 2011

:ten things:

Ten things that are giving me joy right now...

My eclectic stitching projects

My new raised bed made with rocks dug up from the irrigation line.

Our baby zucchini's

Sweet peas everywhere.

Thimble berries to eat.

A brand new hoola hoop to tone up with.

Some more basil plants Handsome bought me to replace the ones that didn't make it.

Sprouts on the windowsill ready to eat for lunch.

I found the perfect spot for my Rabbit Fern. ( I have only two small north facing windows so I need to be creative.)

Some raspberries to harvest.


  1. I like all of your wonderful things...it is always the small details that bring the most joy! :)



  2. Lovely! I am glad you are finding joy in the little things. I love rasberries.

  3. Sounds like such nice things. Like the pictures. :)


  4. Love your attitude of gratitude!

  5. Mary they're all such great things to be finding your joy in!
    What lovely blessings are yours today :-)
    Thanks for giving me such sweet inspiration with your gentle ways and heart.

  6. We need to focus more on what God Has blessed us with.
    I'm thankful in the cooking of a turkey in my pressure canner went well. It didn't blow up and I'm here to tell all that it is a quick and easy way to cook a whole bird!

  7. Such a wonderful list! I think I'll do something similar for my gratituesday post this coming week. Thanks for the inspiration! Blessings to you, Lisa :)

  8. Oh a hoola hoop...haven't done one of those in years...please let us know how it goes. And of course it is right near a red door!

    The others are great...isn't it wonderful to see how much we enjoy isn't man made?

  9. Such beautiful pictures! I love hoola hoops. Need to get a couple of good ones for me and Holly.

  10. Love those raspberries!!!! And yes, that would be good for me to do too - hoola hoop. Okay, so what does that crossstitch say? And what kind of book do you have in the 3-ringed binder, school? Have a good evening my friend!!!

  11. Those ten things would make me smile as well. I need to see if I can hoola hoop. Grace has one. I am on the look out for fun ways to keep moving. (((hugs)))

  12. What wonderful blessings!

    Where did you get the hoola-hoop? Looks like a fun way to exercise. I need exercise motivation these days.

  13. Jane,

    It is the 23rd Psalms. [o= The folder is a bunch of my knitting and crochet patterns.

    Thanks for asking. [o=

  14. Mary - My gratituesday post (the one you said you would have to copycat) was inspired by this one of yours...so I copied you. {chuckle, chuckle!} :) I hope this doesn't sound strange, but I think we have much in common and would love to meet you in person some day. What a joy it is to have sisters in Christ as friends via this unique world of blogging. Blessings (and even hugs) to you, Lisa


Thank you, each sweet comment brightens my day. Blessings!

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