“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage/journey to Zion.”- Psalm 84:5

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Birthday Present and my WIP's ( works in progress)

my update picture of my Psalms 23 x-stitch and my pair of socks. Trying to get the socks done so I can start my cowl. [o=

I have been toying around with picking out my birthday gift from my men. Yes, they gave me a budget and I get to pick. [o= At first I thought I would order a skirt...then I thought to myself I have enough for now. Then I thought about asking for a food processor...then I thought about how much we have been using our blender and I can make do with it for now.

And when "someone" knocked off the skein twice ( which it was hanging on a chair) and it got TANGLED up... and I felt like coming unglued. I thought I might REALLY want this..... ( and it is on sale right now until the 15th!)

I also now have a soaking corner...

I am soaking almonds to make raw almond butter for the boys. I am soaking chia seeds and flax seeds to make crackers. ( will update you how they turn out) And I am also soaking more lentils for my favorite lentil salad. ( will update you with a recipe later)


  1. Well this is new to me...you can tell I don't knit.

    Yes I am going to keep the youngest at home to home school...we start K! So here comes year number 23 and the sixth time to do K! He will go to a coop two days a week, which allows him to have friends. It will be so quiet without the older one here each day, but it will give me some time without kids (not had that in 27 years) and then concentrate on K the other three days a week. I am getting excited about it...and had confirmation from a public school teacher next door. What she told me made me go, "okay I am going to home school him"
    God is faithful...this year will be different. I am not completely sure why God is calling the teen into school, but I can say the confirmations have been overwhelming, so I am excited to see what God does. Moses and Daniel were educated in the public system.

  2. Your x-stitch is coming along nicely.
    I think that yarn swift is a perfect gift for you!
    Can't wait for a cracker recipe......yum!

  3. Oh Mary....I have always thought those winders were the best!

    I like the fact that you soak everything :D But I must confess, that I just don't do that :( In fact, except for beans...everything else gets cooked pretty much normally.

    Raw almond butter, sounds delicious! And so those the chia crackers...you know you have to share...


  4. Glad your cross stitch is going well. I do that too when I'm given a birthday budget, I change what I want over and over. :)


  5. Wow! I am really impressed with your x-stitch. It's very nice! I wish I had those kinds of skills, but nope, ha, ha! :)

    It sounds like you are really thinking about that birthday gift. I think the yarn swift (whatever that is) would be good for you, since you really seem to like knitting. I'd go for the food processor, as I am getting tired of using my blender (like-minds seem to think alike :), but I am "making-do" for now.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your recipes as well. :)

  6. Mary, I am waiting to know how your butter turns out! Almond butter sounds delicious.

    I think the knit yard swift is perfect.

    I hope you have a good birthday. I am assuming it is coming up soon and not actually today?

  7. Go for the swift! Go for the Swift! No question.

    I'm still paying attention to your health tips...

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. Mary, you have given me an idea. I can't wait to show this to my husband. It's so difficult to buy gifts for my mother-in-law. She's an avid knitter, and I don't think she has one of these. I've never seen it.

    What a great idea.

  9. Mary,

    You're very inspiring! I'm particularly interested in your food prep and diet...good for you! I'm sure the payback will be wonderful. I'm headed over to your other blog to check out what you're up to.

    I always enjoy your pictures, too. Thanks!

  10. Mary - Thanks for the update on your WIP's! Making progress is always a good thing whether it's on our handwork projects, our health, or our weight loss -- I'm down 3 lbs.!! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

    So which do you think you'd use more? Food processor or yarn swift? Decisions, decisions...

    Blessings to you and yours! ~Lisa

  11. Oh, so many pretty things to look at and so many interesting things to think about! You always make me think, my friend! I'm so happy for your yarn winder and very interested in the extended soaking items. As of right now, I only do the beans and lentils. I have a feeling I'll be doing more soon, lttn.

    Have a lovely day!
    Hugs and Blessings,
    Shani xxx

  12. What a lovely blog you have, Mary! Jasmine at Far Above Rubies sent me here, and said you have some questions about Lilla Rose products. Please feel free to email me at BeautifulLife at rammnation dot com.

    And thanks so much for the link! :)


  13. Love your cross stitch! I did an alphabet sampler earlier in the year...can't remember if I shared it or not. I loved doing it. I think you might have me wanting to do a scripture verse too!


  14. I love love love your hand work. Redwork is so beautiful.

  15. Hi Mary! Thanks for adding this post to the Mister Linky! I've seen those swifts before...hmmmm, I think that would be a nice gift, especially for a great knitter like you :-)

    Praying you continue to feel healthier and continue to have time to make all the good food while you are still in the learning phase!

    Love you much,

  16. Hi, Mary! Found this post through Lori today. I love seeing how you are busy about your work. I've been reading about your diet, and though I don't think I would try it, I too want to lose weight (congratulations on losing those 8 pounds, btw!!!!). I like lentils and look forward to that recipe. Oh, and the almond butter, too!

    I bought radish seeds a while ago with the mentality of soaking them, but they're still in a bag in my food storage. A little at a time, I guess!

    How fun to pick out your birthday present!!

    Love to you this evening!!


  17. Love love LOVE that sock yarn - I'm currently knitting a baby pod and hat - I'll post a pick when I'm finished - good job lady!


Thank you, each sweet comment brightens my day. Blessings!

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