“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage/journey to Zion.”- Psalm 84:5

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 2 of... "40 Day Health Experience" & Harvesting Greens

The one thing that our garden has done VERY well with this year so far is... salad greens and cooking Asian greens. I used to not be so thankful as I am now for them. By reading the Maker's Diet it has given me a new understanding and outlook on what I eat and what it does for me. It recommends that we eat three to five servings of greens a day in season.

Some benefits are...

  • Green plant foods balance your pH. Many modern foods are acidic in nature and can lead to health issues, so balancing your body with neutralizing foods like greens keeps your body's pH at a healthier level.

  • Some dark greens include omega 3 essential fatty acids , which are important to many of the body's functions, especially for brain function.

  • Chlorophyl in green plants acts as a blood detoxifier.

  • They are high in nutrients and enzymes necessary for your body to function, such as iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium and vitamins, including vitamins K, C, E, and many of the B vitamins.

  • In greens, you'll find a variety of phytonutrients including beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin, which protect your cells from damage and your eyes from age-related problems.

  • Greens are powerful antioxidants, and they support the immune system.
Update on 40 Day Health Experience...

I am thrilled to say I am happy that I took the leap of faith and started the 40 Day Heath Experience. I was afraid of feeling HUNGRY with no potatoes or grains. And I am VERY happy to say I am not. It does take planning and thinking it out but it is good. I think because I have done a lot of changes in my diet over the years that the change wasn't as shocking to my system and I am not feeling yucky from detoxifying. Well, so far I haven't felt flu like symptoms that they warn you could feel. If you do it is because your body is getting rid of toxins. I will keep sharing what I have been learning and changing as the 40 days continue. Thank you sooo much for all your encouragement.


  1. Great post! I am going to get my kids and make them read this right now! :)

  2. Wonderful report! Love the photos of you. Such a delightful smile you have.

  3. Sending lots of love and hugs....

  4. Good for you from me too! I always plan to eat 'better' but have not been able to ignore an open bag of peanut M&Ms. This time.

  5. Best wishes to you and your mister as you eat your way to improved health through the next 38 days! I'm looking forward to gleaning from your reports and perhaps will be inspired myself. I do have to say that along with Maggie Ann (above), I have a hard time turning down a peanut m&m. :) Blessings! ~Lisa

  6. Keep going, Mary! Your garden is amazing; those greens are beautiful! Wow--I have puny little lettuce and our lettuce season is over. Back to purchasing it at the store again...


  7. Those greens look delicious! .....I'm not up on my blog reading, and not certain when I will get caught up, finally enjoying the sunshine here!
    Hope you are having a lovely summer!

  8. I'm ordering the Maker's Diet through interlibrary loan. I'm interested. Just hope I'm not too tired to do what it takes. ;)

    Thanks so much for your sweet prayer and encouragements. Today is a bit better.

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. Glad it's going well for you. :)



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