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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

52 Weeks Organized House Challenge ~ Kitchen Counter Update

It took me a while to update my Kitchen Counter challenge, sorry. I kept working hard to get it all nice and spic and span but I had to keep making food while doing it. I started to feel discouraged but I pressed on. On Sunday night hubby and I went out to his ( belated ) staff yearly appreciation dinner. There was A LOT of staff sick in December so it was postponed till January. We got to stay the night at the hotel (at his work) too and had a get away night. I had forgotten that Monday was my Crisis Preg. Center board meeting and shift. That meant I didn't come home till 6:30 on Monday night. I got back to working on it Tuesday and part of Wednesday among-st lessons and other chores but I finally did it. And the pictures are proof. [o= As I was going through my stuff on the counters I kept asking myself do I really need this in the kitchen? Do I really need this? Could I do without this? Does it fit my goals for the kitchen? Does it help me or hinder me? I was able to get rid of some things and re arranged some things. Some things went down to the pantry. I was very pleased with my results.

This coming week the challenge is....

(click on picture to go to challenge)

Week #2 Organized Home Challenge
Kitchen Drawers & Kitchen Cabinet Organization

This week's challenge is all about kitchen drawer and kitchen cabinet organization, where you will both declutter and organize things in a way where you can easily access what you need, when and where you need it.

Thank you for all your sweet encouragement. It sure helped me when I felt like giving up.


  1. Yeah, Mary! Looks wonderful -- everything is in its place and ready for when you need it. Good job! Hope the dinner was nice; how sweet that you were able to turn it into a get away. About the challenge, let me know when they're doing the laundry room, pantry, master bedroom closet, and craft supplies -- I'm in!

    Blessings, ~Lisa :)

  2. Good for you! Your kitchen looks awesome :-)

    I am so glad that this is helping you. The counters look nice and shinny.



  3. Love love love your clean counters, Mary! There's nothing like stopping in my kitchen to turn out the light--its the last one I turn out before heading upstairs to bed--and seeing beautiful, clean countertops! It's my kitchen telling me, "Everything is done. Go to bed in peace!" Doesn't it feel wonderful? Though it is a daily (hourly!) chore, isn't it? lol


  4. You did fabulous, Mary, and I love seeing your whole kitchen finally!!! It's so pretty. :) Way to go Mary!!!!! Wa-hoo!!!!

  5. Where'd my comment go??? As I was saying...

    Way to go, Mary!!!! It's wonderful finally being able to see your whole kitchen; it's so pretty! You did a fabulous job - Wa-hoooooooooooo!!!!!

  6. You certainly seem to have alot of counter space in your kitchen which is a blessing. It looks very neat, clean, and organized. You did a great job with that. I have such small counter space in my kitchen as well as wall space, so it's a challenge to keep things in my kitchen they way I want them.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about how to organize kitchen cabinet and drawer space. :)

  7. Fantastic job, Mary!! It is hard when you want to get your kitchen clean and you have to be using it at the same time. I'm enjoying this challenge and am actually doing it with you, I'm just not posting about it :oS.

    Happy organizing and cleaning!


  8. Looks great Mary! You did a great job and I really like the questions you asked yourself as you organized.

    I need to get working on the week 2 challenge more...it's been a busy week here too. :o)

  9. Mary, it looks wonderful. Great job! I love your white cabinets with the dark hardware.

  10. Oh it looks very nice:) I love being organized especially in the kitchen it helps everything to run more smoothly enjoy your newly organized kitchen Love Heather

  11. Looks awesome!!! Great job!!!

  12. It looks great, you have a very beautiful kitchen. :)

  13. Congratulations! Looks lovely :)


Thank you, each sweet comment brightens my day. Blessings!

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