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Friday, January 6, 2012

52 Weeks Organized House Challenge

I have a confession to make. I am not Super Mom and I do not have a perfectly clean and organized home. I loved this challenge ( and as some have come to know I LOVE challenges) and feel inspired to join in. I love that it breaks it down and will be completed in a year. A whole year... and it will build good habits over time. That means there is a good chance that I will continue to apply it in my life and "keep" a clean and organized house going. Wouldn't that be wonderful?!?

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Week # 1 Assignment is...

kitchen organization

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I will try really hard to get some pictures loaded in the next hour or so to show the before and after. Yes, I will be honest and exposed. This is hard so be gentle with me and only leave encouraging notes .


Okay ,this is the bad and ugly good will come soon! This is what it looked like this morning. ((SIGH)) I have been busy with making ALL kinds of food and one of my sons didn't get to his dishes last night. I will post the after pictures tomorrow. After...I work on it some more. ((BLUSH))

It is taking longer because I am having to attend to some work for my MIL I need to do. I am cutting labels for our family garden seed company.


After is coming soon.

If you join in please let me know you did and I will cheer you on too!:wahoo

IT is soooooooooooo hard to click the publish button. Uggghhhh


  1. Ok, I'll post my pictures if you post yours :)


  2. This is a great challenge and I think I'll join in too. I like how it breaks down everything into smaller weekly jobs.

    I'm here to encourage you and cheer you on...go Mary!!

  3. Cheering you on my dear friend!!

  4. Well, I'm going to work along. My kitchen/dining room is always the worst place for me to work on. I just have so much stuff.

  5. Go Mary, Go Mary, Go Mary, GO!!! You can do it, girl! If I weren't starting to pack in 5 months I would have joined you, but 3-4 months of my year will be spent packing, moving, unpacking, if the good Lord wills it! :)

    Get to cleaning, you can do it!!! :D

  6. Looks like a great challenge!

  7. Glad you found a challenge that you like. I can't wait to see the photos. :)

  8. I love a good challenge, too! Keep us posted on your progress. I am no supermom either. I just manage to keep the dust bunnies from running the place. :-)

  9. What fun! That sounds like a great way to get organized. I look forward to the pictures.

  10. I'll do this with you, Mary-Girl, but I won't be blogging progress in posts for a while yet...I'll just let you know in a comment until I feel up to posting again, will that work?

    We are staying in a snug, North Carolina Mountains cabin, a tiny cozy little place, but I'm loving it. We are ALL sick w/horrible, nasty cold bugs, and Nathan's been throwing up here and there (not good with a diabetic). So today, I filled the bathroom and kitchen sinks with hot water, dish suds, and a little bleach, and scrubbed EVERYTHING! It's 60 degrees, so we opened all the windows and aired out the cottage. I feel better already!

  11. I see you posted "before" photos and it will be fun to see your "afters". Hey, I don't think it's that bad Mary, just day-to-day life happening. :o)

    I've posted my "afters" at my blog if you want to check them out.

  12. I need to do this challenge, but I think I need more than 1 week to clear off my counters because it will require rearranging my entire kitchen and storage system. :o(

  13. My kitchen tends to look like that too sometimes. It's called the busyness of life. No need to be embarrassed! The good part. You know it needs to be cleaned up! Looking forward to seeing the completed project!


  14. Julie,

    Jump in and do it. It is a perfect opportunity to get things under control. I know I need to. ((HUGS))

    I hope you visit more. I have really missed you!


  15. Looks like you're taking on a few challenges, Mary. Sometimes a challenge is exactly what it takes to get me moving! :) Just trying to keep myself on top of what the husband wants accomplished (2012 goals, you know) is going to have to be enough for me. Looking forward to seeing your "after" pictures!

    Blessings, my friend, ~Lisa :)

  16. Well, I am going to have to post my pictures also :) I don't have cabinets like you Mary...but I'll share what I have.

    I like your kitchen Mary - nice and spacious :)



  17. You are brave, Mary lol!
    Considering all the yumminess that comes out of your kitchen.. I would expect it to look like a hive of wonderful activity!
    Now in my case, I have NO decent excuse to have a busy benchtop :-(
    You are inspiring me again!
    lots of love..Trish

  18. Interesting!

    A few years ago, I decided to embark on a "once and for all" organizing adventure. It took me forever, but I really did get control over many of my spaces.

    I'm going to be out of town for the week, but when I get back I was planning to tackle some areas of kitchen organization. I'll be checking to see your after shots. My biggest mess zone is INSIDE some of my cabinets, especially the tupperware-ish stuff. UGH.

    Thanks for letting me copy cat you on the year summary thing. I got too busy this week to do much posting because I had to get both of my girls ready to either move back to school or move ...away from me. (Did you just hear the catch in my throat?)

    It's probably too late now so I'll just start letting 2012 speak for itself and tell 2011 to zip it.

    I will say that the first words I wrote in 2011 were:

    "I'm almost positive we used to have oomph"

    and the last ones were:

    "Because every once in a while, I like to have the last word."

    The rest was a bunch of yakking. Grin.

  19. Wow this is an amazing post. First of all you have an amazing working kitchen full all kinds of goodness, hardwork and love. And second ...thank you for sharing the before. Although I really don't consider it all that bad! Cause I know how much time you spend in there. I am already organizing my kitchen. I have prescious small amount of counter space. So its just putting stuff away, dusting and scrubbing.

  20. Mary,
    Personally, I don't think your kitchen looks that bad! In fact, I kind of like it! I have seen too many "perfectly kitchens" with perfectly clean countertops, and guess what? It's so clean because there is just not that much happening in the kitchen! A used kitchen is a messy one - with daily clean ups (hopefully) but back to getting messy. Life is messy...we'll have the perfect house when our kids are all grown up, meanwhile, we'll be creative! Cook, Bake, Can, and make our house a home!
    Your friend,

  21. Hi Mary, Oh no, now I know the truth -- I thought you were the perfect housekeeper. Good for you. The 52 week thing looks fun. I'm an organizer from birth, but there are some areas that sure get neglected around here too. Maybe I should check into it. Wishing you well!!!


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