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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Making Headway with the Future Bathroom

I do hope to someday soon to rewrite our journey about "The House That God Built" or transfer the posts onto a separate page on my blog soon. But, for now I am going to share the latest project we are working on.... (affectionately called) the future bathroom. We have been in "The House That God Built" for about 5 years and have managed just fine with one bathroom down stairs. But we needed to get going on finishing the last two big projects. They are the future bathroom and shelves in our pantry and laundry room. All is being done this spring.

My biggest part in all of this is to clean the stuff that we have been storing in the future bathroom. Ohh I knew this was a mammoth project and I had to stop avoiding it. ( like I have for the last five years) I figured the only way to finally conquer this was to make a rule with myself. That rule was...when I pull it out to sort, if it doesn't belong in the bathroom it cannot back in then. I did very well with this rule. It made me face my stuff that we have been moving around for the last twenty years of marriage. I have very limited storage so I have to really be ruthless to get rid of things and then be creative in how I am going to store it.

I knew it was going to be a big project but it was really BIG. One day I moved a lot of fabric out of that room and then into the master bedroom. Okay this is not a good place for it, that I know. So when my husband started to get asthmatic I had to take a break from the bathroom and get all that stuff out of our bedroom and give the room a total wipe down. The next day I had to start weeding out and then find a home for my craft supplies. Not easy tasks but it is happening. In reality if all I get done on my "spring break to do list" is to get this cleaned out I am doing good.

Now that I have gotten this far with cleaning my hubby is now figuring out all we need for the plumbing and wall tiles. I can't wait for this to all this to materialize. Here is some before and after pictures of my cleaning so far.



:flowerOh btw thank you Lori for working along side me and getting my blog to feel perfect and cozy for me. (((HUGS)))


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  2. My Sweet Friend...it is all going so well. Those walls just remind me of the beauty of the sky on a summer's day {grin}...

    I really, really, really like your new look!


  3. Way to go! You have really made some progress in there. I can't wait to see it when it is finished. Is this the master bath.....looks like it might be off your bedroom?

  4. Thank you Maria and Tracy for the encouragement. ((HUGS))

    It is a bathroom that has two doorways. One door to the main floor and the other is a sliding door that connects to the master bedroom. As you can see we still have to put in the sliding door.


  5. I can't believe that is the same room! It won't be long now. And I love your new blog. Very cosy!

  6. Love your new blog!! Cute Header! Will you keep the other one?
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. Mary,

    I have to admit, I don't think I could tackle a big project like this one. I am glad that you are willing to push through it to get it done. I'm sure the bathroom will look nice when it's completed.

    BTW, I like your blog header, and as Sandpiper stated, will you be keeping your other blog?


  8. Wow! So many nice new ventures!
    How exciting for you, Mary!
    The bathroom is coming along beautifully for you :-)
    I know cleaning out a room that has been dormant and used for storage can be a daunting task.
    I've got to do that this week too.
    But it's worth it to get wonderful results - like a new bathroom or bedroom.
    Your new blog-space here is going to be wonderful too!
    It looks really great Mary,and I love the more personal title with your name in it :-D
    Love and hugs..Trish

  9. Lady Rose,

    I am a one blog kind a gal so Mary's Little Corner will be my new hang out. I will be moving all my posts over here as I can. But in the mean time I will continue to raise my 4 godly men. [0= I hope to share all the facets of my life here...being a wife, mom, homemaker, knitter/crafter and homesteader.


  10. Over here from simple pleasures. Your blog is cute! Congrats too, on getting a big job done! Thanks for your kind comment on my simple pleasure.

  11. Like your new blog! Very personal and you. Great headway on your room, too.

  12. The blog looks great and I would love to be redoing a bathroom...I am in a rent house with restrictions and my creative side is going wild...I want to paint a wall or something.
    What a joy when you have it completed...go girl!

  13. Mary, Wow, that was a mess. But your new blog home is BEAUTIFUL! (I already told Lori that.)

    I love decluttering. It looks like you've got some things straightened out. I need to get on the ball and do some cleaning in my own home...

    Christine :)

  14. Hi Mary! Nice new place you have here! And great job on tackling the bathroom project.


  15. Hi Sweetie! It DOES look wonderful, I love the sweet divider lines between portions of the sidebar! Your bathroom will be wonderful...someday! What a lot of work you did, doesn't the decluttering feel so good?!!

    Much love,
    PS: Go ahead and remove me as an administrator...I won't be hurt :-) If you need me back on sometime, let me know!

  16. Lovely progress! I love the color of the bedroom. So pretty.

  17. I like the look of your new blog. I look forward to seeing your completed bathroom some day.

  18. I found your new blog! I'm following and made the change in my sideboard too.

    I love clutter busting before and afters. (You would think I'd do more of it around here, wouldn't you?) Funny thing, though, I'm actually thinking about moving my craft stuff INTO a bathroom. LOL

  19. Love the new blog! Boy do I know what it feels like to have to weed through 20 yrs of accumulated stuff! It is a BIG job :) It also feels incredible once you've managed it - a little sad to see some things go but knowing its not going to clutter up limited space makes up for it! Can't wait to see more!


  20. Ah, those cleaning and finding new home projects - Looks like you are well on you way!


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