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Friday, March 25, 2011

A Kitchen Tag

I have just been tagged by my friend Lady Rose in a Kitchen Tag. I don't normally do these but this one looked like fun so I was all game to play. So I hope you enjoy learning a bit more about me and see a bit more of my home.

Do you have magnets on your fridge?

Yes, I have a few nice ones and some advertising ones I try to put on the side that is harder to see.

Do you have a calendar in the kitchen and if so, what is its theme?

I am going to say yes. I have a open room layout that the kitchen, dinning room, and living room is all one room. It creeps just into the dinning room area but it is next to the fridge.

What is your favorite kitchen gadget or tool?

This is a hard one because I have a few. I don't even know what you call it but here is a picture.

It is wonderful for cutting dough, scrapping up things from the counter, I mix my granola with it when it is baking. You can even core a apple with it.

Are you lucky enough to have a pantry of some kind?

Yes, when we made " The House That God Built" that was high on my priority list. It is downstairs but I do have a double door cupboard that I store all my flours, oats, and rice in upstairs to make life easy.

What is your favorite appliance?

I would have to say it is my Kitchen Aide mixer. I got it a couple of years ago and and it really helps so I don't over use my wrist. I have tendinitis in my right wrist.

Do you have an eat in kitchen?

Even though it is a open floor layout I am going to say no. You can tell what is the kitchen and what is the dinning room.

Do you have a bread box?

No but I do have a bread drawer. This is something that I grew up with and was happy to imply it.

Do you have a picture of your kids on the fridge?

No I don't but I do on my piano.

Do you ever cook breakfast in your pj's?

I haven't in a very long time. When I started to apply flylady.net I haven't stayed in my pj's after waking up. I don't even feel comfortable hanging out in my pj's if you can imagine that.

Do you have a favorite cookbook?

This is another hard choice. But I have to say I use a lot of recipes out of Betty Crocker's Cookbook. That is a cookbook my mom used a lot and I have continued to use a lot. Actually I know my older brother and sister use it a lot too.

Are you lucky enough to have recipes that were passed down from your mom and grandma?

Oh yes. I have one cookbook that I have hand written them all in and I hope once we salvage my hard drive off one of our computers I can use my e-book program. I will be putting all my family recipes on it and ones I have found over the years on my own and make it available in a e-book for anyone who might want it. I can't wait to make it happen. ( I know some you old friends know about this project but my computer died before I got it done.)

What’s your favorite food?

This is a REAL hard one....that means I would have to choose between cherry-o- cheese pie, or raspberry chocolate coffee cake, or blueberry coffee cake, or pumpkin pie. Okay I see a pattern here. I am smitten with sweets. ((blush)) I would have to say almost anything with chocolate is a winner with me.

What’s your favorite thing to cook?

I have been really enjoying making Quiche Lorianne. It has been a real winner with the family.

Is your coffee pot electric or stove top?

It is neither. My hubby uses a single serving drip cup that sits right on top of the mug and we pour boiled water in it and it drips one cup right into the cup. I would have just given a name if I new what it was, lol.

Do you make your own bread?

Oh yes for sure. But on a rare occasion I will buy a loaf if we need some to go somewhere and I have too many other things I have to make and do. Then in those times I cave in and happily let my hubby buy a couple of loaves.

Does your kitchen have a theme?

I was going to say not yet but I'm starting to decorate it in ivy and bird houses. I am hoping to stencil some ivy on the walls this summer. The walls are yellow, I have a brown stone look to my counter, white cupboards, and a English Country print on the curtains. And where ever I can sneak in red in, I do .

Is there a clock in your kitchen?

The only clock I have in the kitchen is on the stove.

Do you have a bowl of fruit on your table or counter?

No I don't. We keep it in the fridge for some reason. I think that is because that is what my mom did growing up and I just do that without thinking.

What type of canisters do you have?

My mom gave me some ivy canisters and I love them. ( look at picture above)

Name one thing you have hanging on the wall in your kitchen.

You know the funny thing is? I only have one thing hanging in my kitchen right now. I have hanging on my window a little birdhouse ornament that my dad carved. I need to find a better hanging spot in the kitchen but I haven't figured it out yet. I had to take it off the window to take a picture because the lighting wouldn't co-operate with me.

What’s for supper tonight?

I am thinking maybe a tuna meatloaf.

Do you have enough cabinet space?

Yes but I have to say I NEED to de-clutter. When we first moved into this house I was amazed I couldn't fill all the cupboards. But now I am overflowing. I need to de-clutter them. Isn't amazing how we can fill what ever space we are given?

Does your family use paper plates?

No I would say 99.9% of the time we don't. But on Friday homemade pizza nights we use paper towels instead.

Do you have a good set of china packed up?

We do have a nice set of china but not packed up. I have it stored nicely in a couple of cupboards for when we have the BIG family meals.

Do you wear an apron to work in the kitchen?

I am trying to develop a habit of wearing one. I for sure wear a apron when I am baking and making bread but I should also wear one when I'm working in the kitchen. I should try to put one on when I cleaning house too. Hopefully it would get my mind in the working frame of mind and speed things along. I am hoping to make myself a pretty one in the near future that is not so faded or stained. Maybe it would motivate me to want to wear one more. [o=

Name one thing you would change about your kitchen if you could.

If I could afford in the the future I want to change the cupboard doors to a light coloured wood. I still want it light and airy but I don't like how the white shows every little bit of dirt and what not.

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  1. Mary, this was fun getting to know you in your kitchen! Is the coffee pot a Keurig? Fernando has one of those at his work, and Lori does, too, and I love to have some when I visit her. :)

    Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your kitchen-heart! Happy weekend to you.


  2. This was fun! Thanks for inviting us into your kitchen. I have to say it is one of the tidiest kitchens I've ever seen! Do ya'll use it??? LoL..just kidding! I love that little birdhouse ornie and isn't it a lovely thing to have from your daddy. Love your kitchen and if you don't mind, I would like to use the kitchen tag on my blog.

    Grace & Peace

  3. This was truly fun Mary...I really like your calendar and your dough scraper. I don't have a mixer, but I always wanted one ;)

    Thank you so much for inviting us into your lovely space Mary...



  4. What a fun entry to read. Your kitchen sounds so nice. :)


  5. What a wonderful little tour of your kitchen! Thank you for taking the time to share with us.

  6. Mary,

    Oh, thank you for participating in the kitchen meme tag. I truly enjoyed the tour of your kitchen today. You seem to have a very lovely kitchen. :)

    I have that same tool (under your favorite tools) in my home, too. I use it as a "back-up knife" when my knives, which are mostly dull, don't want to cooperate.

    What is a bread drawer? I don't think I have heard of one of those.

    I think the little birdhouse that your father carved for you is very precious and special.

    Anyway, I don't want to write a book here. :) Thanks again for participating.


  7. Dear Mary,
    I love reading your blog and the kitchen is such a hub for us homemakers. Loved looking through your window today
    Love you to drop by my blog too

  8. Mary, I have two things to note. One, where do you keep your aprons? I have a hook on the wall so that I can see them. It helps me to remember to wear one. Second, I hate to burst your bubble, but the smudges are still there with the darker cabinets! Just like the aprons, you won't see them, but you will still have dirty cabinets. The lighter ones remind you to clean them. :-) (((hugs))) Jenn

  9. Mary, thank you for sharing your kitchen. I loved hearing about all your favorite meals, applicances, and more.

    I enjoy coming here as well. I didn't realize you had two blogs, but I'll be sure to place them in my favorites.

    You're so kind.

    Thank you for reading daughter's blog. I appreciate your lovely and encouraging words to me.

    All my love,


  10. I have one of those scraper things too! Love it!

    I'm almost done with my One Thousand Gifts book. I'll post a review of it when I'm done.

    I could lend mine to you. I'd mail it to you as long as you mail it back when you're done-or you could drop it off if you happen to be coming through town?
    Will you be going to any conferences this year?
    Have a good weekend!

  11. Oh Mary, I could stand for ages and just gaze out your kitchen window!
    What a lovely space :-)
    I have one of those scraping/cutting tools but mainly use it to cut pizza.
    I'm sorry to hear you have tendonitis dear lady - I know it can be very painful and frustrating :-(
    We love quiche at our house too.
    Creamed corn and chives being the favourite as it tastes good hot or cold.
    And I didn't think of sweets when I answered the tag but yes!!
    I LOVE anything chocolate too ;-D
    What a wonderful blessing to have your mum's recipes. Your e-book project sounds great, Mary!
    We've just painted our cupboards white and I know it will show marks, but it's worth it to gain the sense of light and space in our small kitchen :-)
    Your calendar is adorably cute..very you!
    bless you my friend..Trish

  12. I really enjoyed this visit, Mary-Girl! Lots of fun! Your dad did a great job on that ornament...what a neat treasure to have hanging in your kitchen window.

    Thanks for the tour!
    Love you,

  13. This was fun...laughing at trying to learn to wear an apron, so am I. Fun, fun post.
    Oh, on my hope chest post...remember I have five boys, and my daughter is very much a tom boy, even if she is turning 20! I am hoping I have a couple of granddaughters along the way and one of them will want my chest one day.

    Great post.

  14. This is fun to read. So many answers are the same that I would give. I am so lame that I have yet to hang a single thing on the wall since I repainted the kitchen. I just can't decide...

    I do wear an apron often. I love them. They make me think of my grandmother. And plus, I'm a bit of a clutz and slob when I cook.

    I love your theme idea of ivy and birdhouses. If I didn't have birdhouses in the adjacent bathroom, I'd steal it for myself.

  15. Lovely tour! Your kitchen is homey and cozy! I love the birdhouse. So very special. I want one of those scraper things...That is the tool I am missing for bread making! I use to have one. It is a life saver for making fudge too.
    I would love to make and wear aprons. Not because I like too but because my mom and grandma did. Pretty aprons with lace and stitching and such. I am a slob in the kitchen! So aprons would be helpful!

  16. that was fun to read! I might have to do this tag myself sometime.

  17. Such fun little bits of information! Do you know what? We have pizza on Friday nights too! Great minds, eh? Do you ever cook it on the barbeque grill? My little sister started us on that craze a couple of years ago. Now, I'm just waiting for the weather to cooperate so that we can fire up the grill.
    The little bird house you father made is very cute! And your kitchen looks lovely!

  18. Thanks for the window into your world, Mary. :) I'm up early surfing as I couldn't sleep. Sigh. Anyway, we, too, enjoy homemade pizza on Fridays. I've enjoyed browsing through your older posts and "getting to know you." Blessings! ~Lisa

  19. Oh, and I meant to say that my favorite cookbook is also Betty Crocker! I received mine as a gift back in 1983. My cooking style has changed over the years, but most of my favorite recipes are adapted from those tried and true B.C. recipes. :) My grown daughter grew up learning to cook from it, and so my dear step mom found a used copy of the same edition for her when she got married. I'll bet her future daughters will learn to cook from it as well. :) ~L


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