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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tightwad Tuesdays~ 17 Ways To Cut Your Grocery Bill

17 Ways To Cut Your Grocery Bill

Dear Friends and whom ever else is inspired to read this,

I want to rebirth a special thing here on Mary's Little Corner. I used to host Tightwad Tuesday's meme for over 3 years on my first blog over at Homeschoolblogger. It was a meme that the Lord put very strongly on my heart to start before our economy was hit so hard. I feel once again strongly to bring it here but not as a meme but posts to encourage others in what that Lord has been teaching me in how to get by in tight times. As the price of food, electric/ natural gas and gasoline keep going up it can make life more challenging. I use to say that ...."I have cut so many corners that I am down to a circle." Well, the Lord keeps showing me that there are a few more corners I can cut. I hope this weekly posting will be a spring board on how we can make our dollar stretch a bit more to cover the needs and maybe a few wants in the process. So here we go...post #1.

There are only so few big ways to save money but so many small ways will save you money. Cutting your grocery bill will add up a lot of savings before you know it. Here are 17 ways that will put money in your pocket rather than your mouth.

1-Grow a garden

2-Perservation of Garden Surplus

4-Buy In Bulk

5-Eliminate Non Nutritious Foods (…such as soda pop, junk food, candy)

6-Eliminate Convienience Foods (…the single serving packaging are the money killers)

7-Choosing More Ecconomical Foods (tuna for example or less expensive fruits and vegetables)

8-Buy Generic Brands and Store Brands

9-Buy Marked Down Foods ( look for discount bins. Cans that have a dent or just about to expire but that still can be used in time. Fruits and veggies that need to be processed now are a good savings if you make the time to preserve them . For example freeze, make into sauses, dry in the dehydrator. Dried banana chips are sooooooo good.)

10-Coupons ( I have to admit I don’t find as much savings here b/c we make so much from scratch that it doesn’t save us that much. But when it is on basics we are happy to use them. )

11-Make Low Meat Or No Meat Meals ( Casseroles and soup/stews and stir frys are a GREAT way to save. Bean dishes are a frugal and yummy way to go to.)

12-Portion Comparison ( for example compare different kinds of meat and get the less pricey one)

13-Free Food ( garden surplus from friends and neighbors, wild fruits, get through bartering,

14-Waste Nothing

15-Eat To Maintain Optimum Weight

16-Eat More Casseroles, Stir Frys, and Soups/Stews

17- Make Food From Scratch ( this is one of the biggest savers)

There are only a few BIG ways to save money but there are TONS of small ways that ALL adds up.

I pray that the weeks to come will be a blessing as I transfer my TWT posts here and add to it too as I can.


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  1. Thanks...I needed this encouragement to find ways to continue to cut..we are just making it and I think sometimes I give in too much and it cost us...thanks so much!

  2. It all does add up. The biggest thing for me right now is not wasting and making sure serving sizes are not too big. I think eating too much is quite a budget buster.
    So glad I could encourage you today by my post. It's something that really helps me not stress out about money. Have a great day!

  3. Hi, Mary, It's an encouragement to know I'm doing a lot of things right. It's hard to feed five men when I have a strict budget! I also have one son who has to eat protein throughout the day, or he gets almost physically ill (headaches, nausea, etc.). I'm still experimenting with what will fill him and not cost an arm and a leg.

    Thanks for giving all these tips; I can use them to tighten up what I'm already doing. God bless your day today!!


  4. Good reminders, Mary...I'm aiming at the veggie garden this year, and canning. Haven't done that for a couple of years due to health issues, but, praise God, I'm feeling better this year and can hardly wait to dig my hands into the dirt. :-) Thinking, too, what items to grow that have a better return on space.

    I appreciate the good things you share with us!

  5. Great list. Glad you're transferring things here. :)


  6. Excellent tips dear friend! :)

    It all takes a bit of planning, but once you get it down, it works so well {grin}


  7. Excellent reminders and a great list to work off of for the spring! I love how the blog looks...it's so much more YOU!


  8. A great list ~ I am always looking for ways to save money on groceries! I love your blog header ~ it's so homey and cute. ~Karen

  9. Mary, such wonderful tips. I follow many of them myself. I would love to grow my own garden.

    Thank you so much.

    I appreciate you,


  10. Oh, Mary, this certified tightwad is going to love these Tuesday posts.

    In about two months, I'll have family back home. I had been cutting expenses easily since I'm home alone so much. I am bound to get STICKER SHOCK when I hit the stores for the summer.

  11. I love your header. It's so welcoming! And I'm thrilled that you're putting up Tightwad Tuesday posts. Thank you so much!

    Are you going to keep Raising Four Godly Men up too?


    Annie Kate
    My new blog is at http://anniekateshomeschoolreviews.com/

  12. Thanks for the list as I need ideas for keeping the costs down.

  13. Hello dear Mary,
    thank you for linking up to A Little Bit of Lace this week :-)
    I love your list and I'm really looking forward to more money-saving ideas in your Tuesday posts.
    I'm already doing some things you mentioned but I can see areas where I could be doing more!
    Thank you for helping us make ends meet, my dear friend.
    So glad you heard the Lord prompting you to share such great advice :-)
    love and hugs..Trish

  14. Hi Mary,
    I like your tips on how to save money.We are already doing some of the things you have suggested but we will be trying harder in future.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  15. Hi, I like your blog, especially this post. I have been doing most of the items in the list, especially #4. We do it by splitting. We organized a group of friends using an online tool called SplitStuff (http://splitstuff.com). We buy in bulk and split the cost. This lets us reduce grocery bills without sacrificing product quality. You are right, there are few big things we can do, but a thousand small things can make a difference.

  16. hi Mary, long time no talk to.
    Are you going to once again do your tightwad Tuesday's as a link-up party? The reason that I am inquiring, is that I am once again working on making a listing of such things. Please let me know either way!


    I REALLY like your new blog, especially the picture in your blog header!


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