“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage/journey to Zion.”- Psalm 84:5

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

::right now::


right now...

:: listening...to the thunder and lighting storm outside.
:: plotting...to finish my 2ds second sock and planning out the next knitting project that will bust my yarn stash.  Hmmmm thinking headbands will come next.  For example...HERE.
:: thankful for...all the things getting done on the homestead;  clearing away the piles, raised beds getting cleaned up and prepped, getting things organized inside the home.  Trying to get ready for the family reunion the first week of July. 
:: embracing...the idea of doing another 40 day health experience.  I want to start it when the salad greens and cooking greens are really growing in the garden.  ( they are very small right now.  I keep watching and waiting. ) I hope to blog better about going through it this time.  I have come along ways sense last July but I still have a ways to go and hope to continue to share my journey of better health.  Taking one baby step at a time and soon I will be walking across the floor.
:: enjoying... all the crocuses and daffodils that are finally blooming.
:: starting...to do t-tapp again after taking a couple month forced break between my frozen shoulder and cut toe. ((sigh))  It is good to get moving again!
:: loving...that it doesn't feel like Narnia here anymore and spring has finally arrived!

:: watching...all the birds returning to our area.  What a treat to see them again!  Boy did I miss all the bird songs in the morning.  Last night was the first time in a long time I cracked open our bedroom window for fresh air.  And to hear those birds wake me up...what a taste of heaven.

:: recovering...from a emotional whirl wind trip.  I will have to share more on this soon.  I was getting caught up in all the "don't haves" instead of the "have blessings".  I am trying to keep my perspective where it needs to be and not worry.  Why pray when you can worry?  Just kidding I mean the other way around. That is what has taken me away from blogging for a while now.  Just didn't have the umph to blog. ((sigh))

:: planning...all kinds of good things in the garden this year.  Who knows maybe even a chicken coop this year with chickens... ((praying)). 
:: hoping ....that next year then we will get goats.  I am sooooooooo smitten with the Kinder goat breed.   I have to figure out a way to get them across the US/Canadian border.  I have no idea what that would entail but praying it won't be to hard. 

:: hoping ...that my blogger's block is done and that I am back.  


  1. I hope you are back, too. I've missed you. I was so excited to see that you had posted today :)

    Praying good things coming your way. Keep those gratitude glasses on girl.


  2. Look forward to catching up with you. Praying that Spring stays in your neck of the woods. We are having a super windy cold snap around here. It feels like winter for sure.

  3. Yay, Mary's back!!! I've missed hearing from your world. It's easy to get caught up in the "don't haves." And there is always someone who has more and someone who has less. I got caught in that myself last week. I went to a friend's house, which looks like a show place. I came home to my gently used home and felt as if I could never have my friend over. *blush* It's wrong of me and I know it. She doesn't really care. Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful spring. Chickens and goats would be awesome.

  4. It's good to "see" you again. I have missed you.

    I'm glad that you're still going strong with your healthy life-style and weight loss program. Since I have gained 20 of the 65 pounds I've lost within a year, I'm not feeling very motivated with weight loss.:(

    Glad you are enjoying some spring. We have recently been seeing warmer days ourselves for a change, as it has been quite rainy and stormy.

    At any rate, take care, and it was good to read an update on your current life's activities.

  5. I love those coffee cups! (I'm a nutty coffee cup collector) Is that coffee in them or strong tea? Either looks delicious and relaxing.

    1. I assume in the pic is coffee but I like to think it is tea. I snagged the pic off the net. I need to get back to taking pictures for my posts. ((blush)) Just getting back to blogging and have to give myself grace. [o= Welcome to my blog and I hope to visit asap.


  6. Hi there...((waving))

    love you,


  7. Glad to hear from you. I was wondering what was keeping you so quiet. Glad things are getting green and warm for you. We've been in the 80's, but will be dropping back down to our normals 50's & 60's soon. It's too early to be in the 80's but I sure did like the warmth. :)

  8. Joining Maria in waving. :) Good to see you here!



  9. So glad you're back, Mary. I've missed you.

  10. Hi, Mary! Nice to have your blog appear in my reader! :)

    I've been in a blog funk, too, as I think many bloggers have. Something about this winter. I'm happy to hear spring has hit in your area--that is a big motivator for me, hearing the birds, seeing GREEN things growing! There's nothing like birdsong in the morning. God's music is the best!

  11. Wonderful list Mary...and I would love to read on your 40 days of health....glad to see you back, but know your were busy.

  12. I'm so glad to see you back and hope the blogger's block is indeed gone. I have it too so I get it. I will look forward to your 40 days. I ALWAYS get such good health advice here.

  13. Ugh sorry to hear you had some injuries but glad to hear you can get moving again! I look forward to reading about your health journey we have been making lots of changes towards health in our home as well! May God bless your health journey xxlove Heather

  14. Welcome back, dear Mary!
    I have been having the bogging blahs myself lately so I understand.
    Sounds like you have some great plans to work on - chickens and goats sounds wonderful :-)
    You just take care and keep well, my friend.
    love and blessings..Trish xx

  15. Hi Mary, I'm glad you are back. That headband looks beautiful, and you know how to do that fancy stuff? Well, of course YOU do. I look forward to seeing it when it's done. I forgot that the Maker's Diet had a 40-day plan, I wish you the best. I'm trying to cut out sugar, flour, starch...mostly veggies, fruit, nuts, beans - it works if I only stick with it. And what T-Tapp video do you do again? Sounds like spring has sprung there. Here to, kinda, we have a beautiful day, and then the temps dip down again. Tonight I have to cover my rose bush & bleeding heart again as we have freeze warnings. Have a blessed week/end. ♥

  16. Hi, Mary!

    SO nice to have you back on chatting with us and sharing your life. I've missed you and your sunny presence. I think a lot of folks are having a hard time blogging right now--spring is calling, we're tired, and fresh out of inspiration. But I pray the Lord will renew your heart with the new things outside, and give you fresh encouragement.

    A special hug!
    ~ Wendy

  17. Welcome back, dear Mary! I hope you'll be able to blog now, but remember: life is about life, not about blogging.May God bless you each moment.


    Annie Kate


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