“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage/journey to Zion.”- Psalm 84:5

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

God, Please Grant Me...

  I thank the Lord for the friends that He has given me to make things funny and then be able to see the lighter side of things.


  1. I love this!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. The quote underneath the frog made me smile. I like the new photo on your header as well.

    Blessings! :)

  3. :) love you, m.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Mary. Hugs and Blessings.

  5. Good prayer!! I hope you are well. (((hugs)))

  6. I know just how the little frog feels, lol!
    Too cute, Mary.
    Thanks for the giggle :-)
    blessings to you my friend..Trish xx

  7. Oh AMEN, AMEN...if I can laugh then I can go forward!! Yes Lord give us friends that make us laugh when life isn't really laughable!

  8. I just love this!! I want to pass it along to my friends. I can relate an I totally agree about such friends.

  9. Sorry I didn't see this sooner! Laughter is such good medicine, and a friend to laugh with? A treasure. :) Blessings, my friend, ~Lisa

  10. This was a wonderful share, Mary...thank you! I needed a laugh!
    Many {{{HUGS}}},

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  12. what a funny little frog and message:)
    I've happen to visit from Maria's blog.
    So glad I did for it's a lovely blog here.
    God Bless!

  13. Absolutely love this!!!! Hilarious!!!

    Merry Christmas! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

    I am working in the ER today. We did most of our Christmas celebrations on Sunday, had a very lazy day at home on Christmas Eve, then have one more gathering after I get off work today.

    It was dd’s idea to open gifts on Sunday instead of Christmas Eve morning (which is usually our “Christmas Day” since I volunteer to work Christmas Day). That allowed us to have the lazy day yesterday. It was wonderful! Though I did feel the need to get up and move my body several times through out the day, so I actually ended up doing 500 crunches in 3 different segments yesterday.

    We are expecting a winter storm later tonight, with a possible 5-10 inches of snow tomorrow. I’m off tomorrow, so I will likely take down the tree. I just hope we don’t lose power like we did last week when a winter storm went through. The house was 51 degrees when I got home from work that day. Brrr!!!

    Oh, and my Christmas morning started out with losing a huge chunk of my tooth! (And no dental insurance to fix it!)


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