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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Birds Eye View of the Garden & Father's Day

We celebrated a nice, sunny, quiet Father's Day.  A family tradition the last 3 years is for the guys , do I need to repeat myself the guys, go for a dunk in the lake.  Me?  I stand pretty taking pictures and a video.

This year was defiantly warmer than the last two years.  Last year the lake was so high that the guys had to clear logs so they could even get into the water.   

Getting ready to get in. =0]

Now on another note this is what the garden looks like from a birds eye view.  I am hoping when there is a let up of rain I can go out and take some close ups and maybe a video tour.

The Lower Garden aka East Garden.  We have the bottom quarter and the my MIL uses the top section.  I will show some more of what we have in the front later on.

Here is a view of the North Garden

I had to include at least one picture of our latest additions to the homestead.  This is Leah.  I will have to get another picture of her with her sister Rachel.  

Last but not least, here is a picture of what one of our apple trees looked like in full bloom.  I was tickled pink that this year it was warm enough during this time the bees were able to pollinate the trees. ((HAPPY DANCE)) h.dance


  1. Doing a happy dance that you posted! Such lovely photos, too! You have 2 kitties? Wonderful! Hooray for pollinating bees. I think our apples made it this year, too. Last year, there were so few to buy that were local.

  2. So nice to here from you. The kitty is adorable. Your garden looks like it is coming along well. We are getting huge amounts of rain here too.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Oh Mary...everything is just so pretty :) Leah is adorable...is she a barn cat or part of the kitchen brood? :)

  4. Such pretty pictures. And the kitty is so cute. What a nice addition to your family. :)

  5. What a lovely way to spend fathers day, that lake looks so inviting.
    Your garden is looking very green and healthy, have you been having a lot of rain? We have had the wettest coldest spring ever!
    Such a cute little kitty! I'd love to have a house full of them but my husband is sooo allergic.

  6. Oh, I just hope, hope, and pray we get to come visit your little corner one day...it is simply beautiful! :) Hope the creek is doing ok.

    Blessings, my friend, ~Lisa

  7. Hi Mary-Girl! Everything looks so lovely...and I know it's going to produce beautifully for you and your family this year!

    I am up in WI at Bryan's farm...hard to believe it's finally happened :-) We gratefully accepted a big orange kitty named Garfield along with the farm...your Leah looks like a mini-Garfield, he has those beautiful light green eyes as well. So sweet!

    I'm encouraged by the pics of your garden. I know you are in the woods, and Bryan lives in pasture + woods, so the garden is in the open here, but my "suburbanite" image of a garden is so much different than one which is in the open and full of all kinds of other things! Not perfectly neat and groomed and edged by suburban lawn :-)

    It is getting a bit late to put things in, but the folks up here in this rural area are so kind, and they are going to help me get a garden put in next week if the rain will stop long enough for the doctor across the street to rototill it under for us. Need to make decisions this weekend on what to plant and then buy the plants. There is a greenhouse for the tomatoes and peppers to grow in, and after they're harvested, I can put it autumn lettuces, and Bryan should be able to harvest them through October and maybe into November, we're told. So...what to grow outside? Opinions? I'm going to have to pour through your past posts to see what all you grow.

    Love and {{{HUGS}}}, Lori

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  9. Great pictures and update, Mary! Your garden looks very lush. We got flooded out of a garden this year. We're growing big mosquitos instead! We've hardly had any rain and the temps are really warm for us, so it has been a perfect summer so far! I bet if we had apple trees they would have been pollinated this year too! I hope you post pics of your apples at the end of the summer too! Do your trees have a nice scent?


    1. lol Carol I sadly didn't take the time to smell them. ((blush)) I will make sure I do that next year. Yes I will take pics of the apples later for sure. Hee he on growing the mosquitoes. I remember those well when I visited Alaska way back when I was 13 yrs old. =0/ Do apples grow well in Alaska? I don't even know.((blush))

  10. Your garden is growing so green and beautiful! Ours is slowly getting there now too; everything but the basil is up...and so are a lot of weeds.

    I love your apple blossoms. Are there baby apples on your trees? We have hundreds of them on our trees, so we'll have to do something so that the branches won't break. That has never happened before.

  11. Totally unrelated to this post: I started following you on Pinterest after seeing your "Headcovering'ness" board. Then I noticed most of your boards were "'ness" and knew you must be awesome so I decided to check out your blog! :)

  12. Hi there! I am stopping by because Maria referenced your blog in a reply comment to my comment at her blog. Such a lovely corner in the woods it is:) I hope to visit more often. oh, and that is such a cute kitten! We have 1 pet, a cat, and he certainly has more of my attention then I might not should give- sometimes the others in the house get jealous 0:(, tee hee.
    Blessings, Deanna

  13. I'd be on the shore with you! Brrrr! Leah is adorable. I LOVE orange kitties. I'm hoping for a really good crop of apples this year too. I'm sure you're eating lots of stuff from your garden by now.


  14. Very Pretty! Looks like your garden is growing well. Congrats on the sweet new kitty additions to your family. I hope you are having a great summer.
    Blessings, Carmen

  15. Hi Mary ~ My first visit here, via Maria! Your lake pictures are SO inviting!
    What a lovely place. I hope to be back!


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