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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tightwad Tuesday~ My Favorite Laundry Soap Recipe

I have to share today my favorite laundry soap recipe.  I have been making laundry soap for some years now.  When I came across the White Silk Purse Laundry Soap recipe, that was it.  It was the only recipe that I wanted to make from then on.  What I also found out is to make your clothes come out really clean is to... load your laundry in the washing machine, fill with water, put your Tablespoon of  WSP laundry soap, soak for a few of hours or overnight, and then wash.  If you can plan to have it soak over night or all day it works the best.  Once again this is such a money saver.  It works out to 1.7 cents/load ! Click on the picture if you want to get the recipe.  I hope you have some fun saving dollars, nickles and dimes.

 "There are only a few big ways to save money but there are many small ways...that all adds up."  :TW


  1. Soaking is a very interesting tip. I think they used to do that long ago. It is nice that you've found a recipe that you like so well.

  2. I've been making my own laundry soap for quite a while too, and I really enjoy it. It's so easy to use. :)

  3. I don't know that I have time to soak every load all day. With six people at home, we do at least 2-3 loads of laundry a day...

    1. One solution would be...you have two loads a day you can soak one before you go to bed and soak on first thing in the morning. That is also why I said you could soak for a few hours. You don't have to soak all day if you can't. Everything in moderation even moderation.

  4. Hi Mary! I'm beginning a MAJOR de-cluttering of my house today...I have to be BRUTAL about it, meaning I show no mercy to the stuff I've accumulated :-) Would love your prayers! I can feel the procrastinator in me...aaaaach! I'm so glad you resurrected TWT :-) Maybe I'll do my Tuesday Project Party, to help me stay on track. Getting ready to sell this house!

    Love you,

  5. I haven't made laundry soap since our "boarders" moved in... Will have to make a batch soon since I have all the ingredients on hand. One thing I never did think of was to soak our laundry before running the cycle -- thanks for the tip! Blessings, Lisa :)


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