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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tightwad Tuesdays ...again. -The No Poo Method

I have been so sweetly asked to start up my Tightwad Tuesdays again and I am so happy to oblige.  For the first come back post I would like to share and really encourage others about the No Poo ( shampoo) method.  I did it for quite awhile and loved it and then I for some wierd reason I got out of it.  While I am  encouraging you in this I am kicking myself to get back to it too.

Go HERE ( and this is a picture of her and her hair after using the no poo method) to find my favorite recipe

To make this recipe, that really does works, costs pennies!  It really does work belive me. Just remember to give your hair time to transition.  Hints on transitioning go HERE  too.   Now if you have another no poo method please leave some links in the comments of what you have found useful.  I know there are different kinds of hair and some different kinds of recipes.  Also if you post a Tightwad Tuesday mention it in the comments so others can visit you.


  1. Thank you Mary :) I have tried the No Poo method and it did not seem to work as well as on others...maybe I need to try it again ;D mb

  2. I'm still no poo! Although, I have used conditioner after swimming.

  3. I have gone no (sham)poo method for a few years. Now I only wash my hair once a week. Before it was daily. My hair is so much more curly too.

  4. I have heard many say that it does not work if your hair is thin, straight and oily. Just looks awful and stringy. It seems the key to this working is to have thick and/or curly hair.

    1. Sandy,

      I have fine thin hair and it workout just fine. I have to wash my hair twice a week.

  5. Aha! Thank you for posting this. It has been on my mind to try this and I just haven't gotten around to researching it. This is a nudge I need. Thanks!


  6. Hmmmm...I have very thick but very straight, soft, "slippery" hair (doesn't stay in braids, up-do's, curls, etc)...after 36 hours, it looks oily. I wonder how it would react. Maybe an experiment! I thought that by age 52 (ack!) I wouldn't have to shampoo my hair so often, but it just looks to oily if I don't.


  7. Of course the title drew me in light a moth to flame. I mean... I'm a tightwad, but I had not heard of a no poo method. Grin.

    Now, I'm going to click links to see more. I actually have heard about going without shampoo. I am curious.

  8. I've been curious about trying this, but never brave enough. yet. Maybe in 2013 I will give it a chance! thanks for the post!


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