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Monday, October 24, 2011

I am still here.... just busy

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I have been busy still with family, harvest and such. Also, today is my 2ds 17th birthday. I will be baking up a chocolate cake and apple crisp and we have the whole gang coming, meaning family, coming for desert.

On a side jaunt, if you want to see a bit more about me you can see my likes and interests on Pinterest by going HERE.


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Have a lovely celebration!

  2. Hi Keri,
    ds stands for dear son. [o= Luke is turning 17. I can't believe I have a 19 yo, 17 yo, 13 yo and a 11 yo! Boy, do years pass by before you know it. [o=

  3. Hello friend. I understand the busy part! I've been avoiding Pinterest so that I don't start another computer addiction. However, your page looks so full of lovely things.

  4. That is so funny, I just read another blog wondering what pinterest is. I guess the idea is fun, though I don't think I need another thing to keep me online. Plus, I don't think I would want everyone to see my 'pins'.

    Happy birthday to Luke, wow 17. :)

    I'm slowly learning T-Tapp, I made it through a whole instructional #1 today, and didn't feel totally off, just a little. :)

  5. A very happy birthday from Dole Valley to Luke! They do grow up quickly, don't they? Mine are 26, 24, 23, 13, & 11. Sigh. Hope the birhtday celebration was a good one for him and everyone gathered. :)

    I know what you mean by busy. We have a few days to play catch up before another busy weekend is upon us. Our church's big Reformation Day conference is this weekend (plus, Saturday is my b-day!! Only 4 more days til I'm 48 -- yikes!!).

    Blessings to you, my friend! ~Lisa

    PS: I still haven't received my T-Tapp. :(

  6. Hi Mary, what a sweet lady you are!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day to "check" on me. I've just been busy this past week and the week before we had a stomach bug in our house for a for quite a few days. So I haven't been blogging, though I do have pictures, recipes and ideas for posting. Found you and am following you on Pinterest.


  7. Happy birthday to Luke! They do grow up fast. Though I'm in the stage now where people usually think that I look too young to have adult children, lol. That is nice. :)

    Stay busy in the Lord; restful winter is coming soon!


  8. Hope the birthday celebration was a blessing for all.
    I'm here, too, just busy. I'm knocking out that stack of papers and it is almost all caught up! I'm not blogging until it is done :)

  9. OK, Miss Mary, if that photo was taken where you live, I want to be THERE too.

    I relate to the busyness and should probably explain my absence on my blog too. We're in the middle of revival, and I live a long way from the church. It has my days all ferhoodled because I'm tired from the nights.

  10. Gals,
    Thank you for all the b-day wishes for my son. [o=


    Yes this is near where we live. I love this street in the fall. [o= (I didn't take this pic though)


  11. Beautiful photo!! Happy Belated Birthday to your son!



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