“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage/journey to Zion.”- Psalm 84:5

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Get Dressed Challenge Days 1,2, 3

Frumps to pumps ( my sweet Mary Jane's)

My Mary Jane's are my favorite shoes right now. They are a way to have cute shoes but at the same time nice comfort. I have a wider foot and I can't seem to wear the cute pumps that some can. These Mary Jane's are wonderful too because they have support and give. The best of both worlds I think. [o=

I am suppose to first share the "why" I am joining in on this challenge. I have, as you know, been working on my Journey to Better Health for over a year now. As a result I am looking at who I am outside and inside. Now that I am getting older I have noticed I had gotten slack in too many ways. I am hoping to be spiffing up my appearance on the outside but also the Lord is showing me I need to spiff up what is on inside. I am being led to grow closer to Him and not to be slack in this department either. I am trying to keep my Bible open each day and read when ever I have a moment, pray continuously through out the day, and I am trying to block out time to write in a prayer journal. I am really looking forward to the Lord growing me in all these ways.

Day 3's post really struck me strongly. I have always been enamored that the eyes are a window to the soul. If you take a minute and really picture this, it is quite profound. It shows that it is a in to our soul and it shows you how vulnerable it really makes our soul. That means we have to be very protective of what can come in via our window. Let us be so very careful to what comes into this window for example...our books, music, anything visual, acutally any kind of media, our environment, and our close friends and relationships.

Day 1 – Dressing in Freedom

Day 2 – Prophesying Hope

Day 3 – What Are Your Eyes Focused On?

Here is a fun way to put a bit of sparkle in your appearance that doesn't take a lot of time. This looks like something I can do! And I hope to try it today.

Eye Shadow 101 – How to Apply a Perfect Eye Shadow Look (featuring Sarah Mae and her fabulous sister (and soon to be blogger), Keitha Marie):

The Get Dressed Challenge!

I will continue days 4-6 tomorrow. Till then....


  1. I like your Mary Jane's, so cute. Sarah has two pairs (pumps) that I borrow once and a while. Some smart words of wisdom about your spiritual growth too. I pray that continues for you.

  2. Thank you, Mary-Girl, for sharing this challenge! I, who have spent the last 48 hours in my dh's sweatpants and a t-shirt with semi-greasy hair...I needed something like this, ROTFLOL!!! I'm joining up, but won't be blogging it (I have too much blogging to do w/the Nourishing Traditions dive-in) each day. I'll enjoy reading (and seeing) your updates, though!

    I have a pair of shoes like yours...but no straps. They're nice and wide, cushy, and soooo comfy, and they can even dress up a pair of jeans if I have a nice sweater on with them! They're my absolute favorite shoe :-)

    Many, many {{{HUGS}}}, friend!
    Love you,

  3. CUTE pumps! Love them and love comfort, too :)
    I find that I have more energy and get more accomplished when I wear shoes during the day.

    I also have a better attitude when I feel pretty and feminine, so it pays off to get dressed each day, but it is so very easy to stay in warm comfy jammies until noon ;)

  4. Oh my. While I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one (in my jammies `til noon), I am really appreciating these posts, Mary. :)

    Love the Mary Janes!

    I'm off to T-Tapp, my friend; keep the inspiration coming. :)

    Praying many, many blessings upon you this weekend, ~Lisa

  5. I have a wide foot too and I have recently discovered that Land's End shoes fit me really well. I love Mary-Janes-they make me feel like a little girl.

  6. I agree with you fully on the eyes being a window to the soul. As a photographer, I edit a lot of eyes. You want to make them POP! When I'm working on them, I often wonder about the person they belong to. It makes me think that I could and should be praying for each one of them as I work on their photos.



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