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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Balancing Act and Back To the Drawing Board

Idiom Definitions for 'Back to the drawing board'
If you have to go back to the drawing board, you have to go back to the beginning and start something again.
Well I feel like it has been two big steps forward and one baby step back in loosing my weight. I lost the 10 lbs and gained two back.( I have been holding this weight for a week now) This week I am going to start phase 1 in the Maker's Diet again, I still have 22 lbs to go and I am feeling like I need to do all I can do before my two brothers and sister are show up in 8 days for my MIL's wedding. I just want to look the best I can.
After talking to a friend on the phone and bringing me back to balance in my mind and heart I will not go back fully to phase 1. I will re-evaluate what and how much I am eating plus stop worrying about how long it will take me to loose the weight. It may take me a long while and I will keep focusing on being healthy in my food and exercise. My body won't drop the pounds like it did when I was younger and I need to not fret about it. Why pray when you can worry, just kidding. Really I need to do the opposite.

For the balancing act ...I am trying to balance burning calories to burn the fat and tone up and at the same time not to drain my adrenals. ( because of my adrenal gland fatigue) I am still finding it hard when I do too much and then I feel very tired and depleted. I can do Leslie Sansone's 3 Mile Walk Away the Pounds but I follow the gal that does the modified exercises in the DVD. I am really somewhere halfway between her and what the others are doing. I like being able to go the full duration of the time ( 47 minutes) that the 3 mile does. The 2 mile workout was too short so the modifications I make for the 3 mile works for me. Balance is such a tricky thing sometimes. Finding out what is enough but not too much. Isn't life just like that in so many ways?


  1. Will be praying for perseverance for you, Mary! :)


  2. May it go well for you in your quest for better health. Really, the goal is to be healthy again and not just a focus on pounds. :) I love that little drawing of the balancing woman.....made me smile.

  3. Your commitment is admirable Mary. I don't think it is so much a balancing act as it is, you've figured out how to keep balance! Hurray! Press on... I'm rooting for you.

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. That's better. :)

    I know the struggle. For me it's been "lose 10 pds. by August" (didn't happen). Truly, a healthy body is indeed the goal! Pray for me and I'll keep praying for you.

    Persevero! ~Lisa

  5. It takes A LOT of work to loose more than 15 to 20 pounds! I found that out the hard way several years ago. With a decent diet and exercising 5-7 times a week, it took me 6 months to loose 30 to 35 pounds, and it took me the other 6 months to loose 30 more. So, in total, it took me one year to loose the weight I wanted. Then once you loose the weight, you have to maintain, and that's the hardest part, for I struggle with this daily.

    I think you are doing a great job! Keep in mind that I currently don't have children, so when I wanted to loose weight, I had a little more time to devote to it. You work very hard as a Mother, for you have homeschooling and other things that are much more important than looking "slim and trim." Therefore, with all the work you do, plus being able to loose 8-10 pounds in the process, you are doing good!

    Just don't give-up. I know it's not easy to wear the "fat dresses" at weddings (I had to wear one at mine because I was over-weight at the time.). But at weddings, everyone is too happy to notice and worry about such things. Just try and enjoy your day and don't worry for your loving husband will be by your side, and he loves you just as you are! :)

  6. Thank you gals for ALL your encouragement. I have never had to do anything like this before and I didn't really know what was a realistic time period. I do now. I won't give up and I will keep learning and living this new way of eating. I am excited with all that I am learning about nutrition. Just wished I had learned it sooner. But I am happy I am learning it now with such good friend cheering me on. [o=

    Blessings and ((HUGS))!

  7. Bless you my dear sweet Mary! It is not easy to find balance, but with Him as our guide, let us embrace these lessons and not allow frustration to take over.

    Instead, let us shift our way of thinking and remember that these are learning steps that we all need to take...

    Love you,


  8. OK, my comment yesterday didn't post (grrrr on my Internet Explorer for shutting down!) so I'll try again...now, what did I say???

    Rule #1...NO BEATING SELF UP!
    Rule #2...NO BEATING SELF UP!!
    Rule #3...NO BEATING SELF UP!!!

    You've done so well, Mary...don't fret your self about a pound or two, which could be water shifting, or muscle building up as a result of your excercise. (Muscle weight more than fat, remember!)

    Enjoy your family at the wedding, and know that everyone's eyes are on the bride and groom :-) I do understand how you feel, I know that I hated my pictures at my neice's wedding, and wished I was thinner...but we just have to focus on people, not our looks.


    May God continue to bless you with restoration of health and vigor, and may He bring you peace and joy, my sweet friend!

    Love you much,

  9. Yes, balancing is the hardest thing. Glad you are taking a long term approach. I hope that as you seek the Lord, He will show you how to balance all that in your life. :)

  10. First I am applauding what you have lost...that is awesome. I haven't been as successful, and I was on a good workout schedule and the move through me off of time and emotions. Now I have to start back to square one.

    Just rejoice in your success...you will get there.

    Now I have a goal of getting back to a good size for me before one of my gets married...I keep telling them they will have to give a years notice!!!

    Be encouraged.


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