“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage/journey to Zion.”- Psalm 84:5

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Time Rambling

Yes, summer has finally decided to show its face around here in the west of Canada. We are finally really able to enjoy the quiet local beach. This is one of those beaches that you have to be told of it by one of the locals to know it is there. I love it for this. We get to see friends that we seem to only see at this time of year at the beach and catch up with each other's lives. My men ( hubby and now just 3 boys ( the 4th is my oldest is happily married) ) go swimming as I am VERY happy and content to stick my feet up to the ankles or sit and knit with the cool summer breeze blowing. I am now knitting up my sock yarn slouch hat with the yarn that you might remember looking like .

It took me a good while to untangle my yarn but I finally did it. I still have my socks to get back to but I made a mistake while knitting them and I need to go back and fix them. So what do I do? Start something new, lol. I will get back to them real soon. I am also still waiting for my yarn swift and I can't wait to wind up my other hanks of yarn I got for my birthday. Ohhh btw Debbie I ordered my drop spindle. ((happy dance)) I am now waiting for it to arrive at our local store and I can't wait to try my hand and spinning some of my own yarn. [o= After I master the drop spindle I hope next year to graduate to a spinning wheel.

I want to introduce you to some new residence's on our homestead. They have taken up a home in our apple tree outside our kitchen window in the upper orchard. When I went close to the tree those froze like statues and when I walked away this is what you would see... their mouths wide open for mamma to come back and fill them.

Life is good on the homestead. How is your summer so far?


  1. I am glad you are finaly seeing summer. We have had enough of the heat and are hiding indoors with our lovely back to school books.

  2. Our summer is blazing hot! We are on tap to beat the worst triple digit temp summer ever (1980). Just 10 more days and we will have the longest streak of 100+ days. Other than that I am having a nice relaxing summer, in the a/c of course!

  3. Ok...I am loving that ankle bracelet ;-D Thank you for sharing the beauty that surrounds your home dear friend.


  4. I can't believe your patience with untangling that yarn. Grace did that to one of her projects and I had to give it to my mother to deal with. lol. So glad to hear you are enjoying your beach. I am longing for cooler days, myself!

  5. Ankle bracelet? Too cool. :) Spending a day at the beach with your family (and your knitting)? Priceless. This is just how I felt on Monday when I took my two to our local swimming hole. They played and swam and observed hermit crabs while I enjoyed my self on the shore with my knitting. Ahhh. Warm summer days are finally here. Blessings to you and yours, ~Lisa

  6. Drop spindling is fun and relaxing. We had llama wool given to us so we took it to our violin teachers and she carded it for us. From there we went down the road to my cousins and she taught us in the wheel. It takes lots of practice. I have no doubt that you'll get the hang of it.
    God Bless

  7. Sounds like a great summer. Ours have been great too, though we are starting school next week. Only because we are taking the last 2 weeks of August off for our vacation, so we are starting earlier than normal.

    Glad you are getting lots of yarn things that you like, so like fun. :)


  8. Ah, Mary...looks like a lovely summer day!
    We just got drop spindles this spring. They are fun to use. We still need lots of practice.
    A friend also gave us her spinning wheel, we have not attempted that yet. We have to buy our roving! Looking forward to seeing your creations!


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