“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage/journey to Zion.”- Psalm 84:5

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Update on Maria's Daughter

I just got off the phone with Maria. Her daughter is in need of prayer. Her back was opened from the base of her neck to tail bone. This is the tough time because she is in pain. Maria's daughter is having trouble with flem and not opening her eyes or eating.

Please lift her up that she will respond and not shut down. Maria's daughter does so much better when Maria or her father is around. So Maria will not leave her side now. The neat thing is that Maria is crocheting a lavender prayer shawl , Tasha Tudor style for her daughter. Please also pray for Maria. It is hard and a lonely feeling during this time. Her world is just her and her dear daughter in the hospital room and Maria waiting to for her dear daughter to pull out of the dangerous waiting time. Please cover this family in so much prayer. If you have any notes you want to send her leave them in my comments and I will forward them to her each day.

Thank you for lifting this precious family in prayer.


  1. Thank you for the update Mary. Please let Maria know that she and her daughter will continue to be in our prayers. Wish I could go to the hospital and bring her a cup of tea.

  2. Maria and her daughter have my heartfelt prayers, I don't know them but my heart goes out to them. A mothers heart never really detaches from the umbilical chord and her heart must be aching for her child..
    Blessings to you for asking for prayers for your sweet friend.

  3. Thanks for keeping us updated, dear Mary.

    Dear Maria, my heart is with you as you keep your vigil by your daughter's side.
    I know this 'waiting' for recovery can feel unreal, like a suspension in time.
    I will pray earnestly for your lovely girl to open her eyes today and begin to respond again!
    I wish I could put my arms around the both of you.
    I send you my love, dear friend, and my trust in Jesus as He carries you all through each day.
    {{big hugs}} Trish xox

  4. **crying** I will keep Maria and her daughter in my heart and prayers . . . I'm quite speechless as to what to say, but I pray that the Lord will get Maria and her daughter through this trying time.

    ~M. Wildflower

  5. Please let Maria know I am praying for her and her dear daughter.


  6. Thank you so much for the updates, Mary. I will continue to keep them close in prayer.

  7. I just went to her blog to get myself all caught up. I feel as if I'm completely out of loops lately. I didn't even see that you had TWO posts posted.

    I will be joining the prayer warriors. I have her little face clearly in my mind and will be lifting her for strength for this recovery and praising God in advance for what he has planned for her and her mom.

    This makes a lot of things pale by comparison.

  8. Oh Sweet Mary....Our Father knew that I needed you at this very trying time. Thank you sweet friend for this! I needed to hear it and to embrace its truth!

    Thank you sweet ladies for your prayers...

    Love you all,


  9. Dear Mary & Maria,

    I was gone most of the day yesterday so I'm just seeing this now (Friday a.m.).

    Mary, praying many blessings upon you for the next two days at your craft fair!

    Maria, praying for you and your dear daughter & praising our gracious, merciful, loving God along with you and this group of prayer warriors.

    With love, in HIM, ~Lisa

  10. Thanks Mary for the update and for keeping us posted on Maria and her daughter...They are in my prayers!! the internet has been very slow in Bahrain and not letting me leave comments but it seems I am finally able to get through ~Praying!! Love Heather


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