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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Journey To Better Health~ November's Progress Picture

Me Before and After in 6 weeks of t-tapp

( the pic on the left was me helping get things ready for my MIL's wedding in August. Not my favorite picture but it does show how I carried my weight around my middle, sigh. I am now fitting in some middle size things and kind of in a size 10. ( a bit too snugly yet) So, I will wait a bit longer to wear the size 10 skirt I bought on the trip. It won't be long before I am wearing it and I can show and tell it then. What a good feeling!!! )

Measurement Loss Update:

Lost total up to today...

1" in chest
.75" in pecs
1.75" in ribs
2" in Waist
2" in Abdominal's
2.5" in Hips
Upper thigh is the same
2" right lower thigh
1.5" in left lower thigh ( they are even now) [o=
.75" in left calf
.5" in right calf ( they are even now) [o=
1" in right arm
1" in left arm

A Total of .... 16.75 inches

I have to share other than my inch loss that I am getting so much stronger with t-tapp. Here is a neat success story about my back. When Handsome ( my hubby [o= ) and I went on our little get away to Spokane Washington I didn't have my normal back aches. Usually after I sleep a night in a hotel bed my back is wrecked and I have trouble with it for a few weeks. Well, the first night went by and no problems and had a good sleep. Then the second night was the same. I was such a happy camper! That is showing me how wonderful core muscles truly are. Now, on the same note I have to share also that this kind of workout is wonderful for people with adrenal gland fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome. You need a program that will get you healthy and strong but you don't want one that will deplete your adrenals. As the weeks have gone by I do feel like I am getting more energy and so much stronger.

In the near future I will be sharing some more neat things about my journey to better health as I can. What a amazing journey the Lord has shown me. I am truly thankful indeed.


  1. I will just pop in here real quick to say congrats to you, Mary! Thanks for being such an inspiration to so many of us! Many blessings, ~Lisa :)

  2. I am standing and applauding you...can you hear me all the way from Texas? This is just great and so inspirational. I just told my 22 year old muscle bound son this morning that the more I exercise the more I weigh...but at least I am not jiggling as much at age 50! You have inspired me to take it another level.

    Congratulations....thanks for sharing your journey.

  3. Good for you, Mary! So glad your back is trouble-free now, that's gotta feel great :-)


  4. Way to go, Mary! I like you in red; pretty!! Several ladies I know do T-Tapp. I've had back problems for years now; I may have to get back into investigating this exercise routine.


  5. Okay, this is great. I have one T-Tapp dvd, Basic workout plus. Which workout or workouts are you using. I desperately need to work on my body. I am walking on the treadmill about four days a week but not seeing great results. I might have to alternate between T-Tapp and my treadmill.

  6. I'm glad it's working for you. You look great.

  7. You are looking good, and more importantly feeling better. Keep it up.

  8. 16.5" gone in just 6 weeks -wow!
    Well done you!! lol!
    That's fantastic Mary - you look great and it's good to hear that you feel so much better already too.
    Thanks for the update..it's inspirational my friend!

  9. You look great, Mary! I love T-Tapp, too, but I haven't done it since we moved here (almost a year ago)! I really need to get started on it again--it makes me feel so much better when I'm doing it!


  10. That is awesome!! It must feel so good too!


  11. Yay! Keep it up, Mary, you're doing fabulously!!! Rah-rah-rah!!! Cheering you on, and coming closer to starting it up myself; you're an encouragement!

    Have a lovely weekend~
    Shani xxx

  12. I feel healthier just looking at you! If only it were that easy... sigh.

    Blessings, Debbie

  13. You look great, and I am happy that your weight-loss program is working so well for you. I think I need more of your inspiration, as my body fat percentage continues to increase instead of decrease.

    Take care, Dear Friend. :)

  14. Well done Mary, you must be so pleased. (I think you looked lovely before too) xxx Thank you for your kind words on my blog today, such an encouragement!
    Love, Tina xxx

  15. You have been T-tapping for 6 weeks now? Boy how time flys...it seems like you just started maybe 3 weeks ago. That is great!!! I just started back at it and eating God-made foods too and feel much better (I just posted about it).

    Congratulations! Oh, and it's so fun pinning with you too. You sure have a lot of nice knitting pins. Yes, Jeff calls it my "current obsession"...like I have many, hah...okay, so I get excited and feel strongly about lots of things. lol

  16. Congratulations! It's so exciting to accomplish goals.


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