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Friday, November 11, 2011

Crunch Time Getting Ready For the Craft Fair

My days for the last week or two ( after getting home from my sweetie's and my romantic get-away) has been very full. I have been washing and filling juice jars with raspberry-rhubarb or plain rhubarb juice plus crafting. I will be selling the juice, my beeswax gourd candles, hand dipped tapers, hand dipped and twisted tapers, knitted baby booties, along with my milk chocolate or mint chocolate fudge. This Friday and Saturday I will be busy selling my wares and in hopes to save enough money to get a new camera plus some needed items for the family and home. ( So if you wondered where I am and what I am doing...now you know. [o= )


  1. I figured you have been busy with this stuff, since you haven't been online. :) I hope you can get the money you want for the work you've done.

  2. Wow, what a lot of things you have for your sale. Everything looks so good. The beeswax gourd candles are unique. Good Luck.

  3. Wow, you have been very busy, may you have a very profitible craft show season.

  4. Oh, Mary, I hope you can get your new camera!! How exciting. I hope the craft fair is profitable for you. :)


  5. Wow, everything looks great. I hope you do really well at the craft fair. If we lived closer together I certainly would love to try the raspberry-rhubarb juice and get some of those beautiful taper candles.


  6. I hope you do wonderfully, Mary. I love ALL of your candles.

  7. Mary, your efforts are very impressive! I can see your skill growing. I pray that you are a success and rewarded well for your hard work.

  8. Praying blessings on this final day of craft fair prep! How did your candles turn out? Hope no one got cut. ;)

    Would you consider posting a tutorial for your juice making technique?

    Blessings and prayers, ~Lisa :)

  9. Praying blessings on this fair for you Mary! Here in Chicagoland, you cannot sell food products unless they were made in a licensed commercial kitchen. I used to make homemade chocolate boxes and turtle pretzels, and sold them at a church craft fair...but can't do it anymore. So sad! I'm glad you are able to do it where you are!


  10. Busy as usual lol!
    I hope you do really well at the craft fair, Mary, and are able to get those things you want for the family - a new camera sounds like fun for you after all your hard work :-)
    If I was over there I would be buying your gorgeous gourd candles - I just LOVE them!!!
    God bless you my friend..Trish

  11. This is just soooooooo awesome...I wish I was close to come buy your products. Lord I pray for favor for Mary and her craft fair...bring her sales and energy as she participates in this fair. Lord bless the fruit of her labor.

  12. I love the candles! I have a friend at church who makes the most delicious-smelling soy candles. She taught me how to make soap this spring, and now I'm wishing we could make some candles together. Hers are poured (in a small mason jar). There are so many things I *could* do...but as you said on the 24 hours is all you get post...I guess we have to choose! :)

  13. Oops, I wasn't done yet...:) One thing I've been thinking is how I could combine time with my older two girls with crafting. That way we would be spending time together and also doing fun crafting things. I'm still trying to figure out how to squeeze it in! :)

    Hope you did well at your craft fair!

  14. They are beautiful! I wish I lived closer. I would love to buy those juices!



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