“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage/journey to Zion.”- Psalm 84:5

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Day Early Valentine's Day Celebration

Yesterday there was a lot of business going on in the kitchen. I got up and made bread before Handsome, Luke( 2ds) and I had to go to town. And soaking dough for Handsome to make noodles for our day early Valentine's dinner. He and Luke have curling tonight so we decided to celebrate on Monday night. I love it when my man cooks! That is one way he won my heart 22 years ago. He was the only guy who made me dinner and ohhh what good food he can cook too.

He made fettuccine Alfredo with smoked salmon and peas. For desert he made Cherry-o- Cheese pie. What more can a girl ask for??? Ohh and the tulips you see were from him too. Oh, I am so smitten with him still.


  1. Glad you had a happy Valentines day. :-)

  2. Hubby almost always gives me my valentine's gifts a day early. One year he actually gave them to me on the 14th, just to surprise me. :)

    Looks like a sweet night for you all.

  3. Sounds delicious! Flowers, wine... how wonderful of your dh to spoil you so. :)

    Blessings, my dear friend, ~Lisa :)

  4. PS: Hope the shoulder is continuing to improve!

  5. Your dinner sounds delicious!
    My guy cooks every now and then.....he made some wonderful meals when we were dating and that contributed to the stealing of my heart. We do enjoy cooking things together sometimes nowadays.

    I got tulips, too, and he brought one rose for each of our girls. He's so sweet!
    We are blessed women, aren't we?

  6. It looks wonderful to me. We're such soul sisters, obviously. My husband's signature dish is fettucini alfredo too. Here, we love to add shrimp and scallops.

    I love your tulips, too!

    No wonder you're smitten.

  7. Oh Mary....how wonderful and sweet your day was :) The tulips look so pretty - and there is no man more handsome that the ones that love to cook ;-D

    love you,


  8. You certainly have a sweet husband. I'm sure you were just "in heaven." The table setting looks like you were eating at a fancy restaurant.

    Lovely flowers.

  9. Yum! You definitely got yourself a keeper. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  10. What a wonderful and sweet celebration! Love the tulips...they look so spring-like! We've scarcely had a winter here in Chicagoland...just one snowstorm, reallky, and only a brief bit of sub-zero windchill. Very UN-Illinois-like! Today was sunny and in the mid 40's...positively balmy. No complaints here...we are enjoying the lack of shoveling! My little spring bulbs have had their heads poking out of the soil for a month now. I'm just hoping we don't have a prolonged deep freeze, they'd probably die off and then I wouldn't see them in April! I'm almost ready to come out of hibernation...Lord have mercy, it's been a BUSY 2 months here. Today is Bryan's 20th bday...it's been a nice quiet night :-)


  11. Mary you are blessed :-)
    Sounds like you had a lovely Valentine's Day!
    Husbands who cook are wonderful - just like mine, lol!

  12. What a lovely celebration, Mary! Very nice! You are blessed.

  13. Oh that sounds wonderful Happy Belated Valentines Hope you had a wonderful day you are blessed indeed love Heather

  14. Awe! What a treasure you have Mary!

  15. You are very blessed! It's it wonderful how God knows the perfect man for us.



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