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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Some Days Are Just Like This


  1. Yes!!!! I don't know if it is because of age or because I have added so much unto my everyday.

    I pray you are not feeling like this dear one :)


  2. I have some days more than others. [o; Today is just starting and I have a ton to do to get ready for guests coming. I pray I don't act this way today, lol.


  3. Oh my goodness, it's a good thing nobody else is home! I'm in here laughing out loud. My family would think I have age activated hilarity disorder!

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. Laughing!!! And I just about finished laughing when the other Debbie (you know... the one who is not spring chicken)got me going again with her "age activated hilarity disorder".

    Thanks, Mary.

  5. This is soooo funny! And sadly, it's true! Some days are truly just like this. :) Thanks for sharing, Mary. Would you mind if I linked this up over on my blog? A blessed weekend to you, Lisa

  6. Giggle. I've heard this story before, but never seen it in video. I could describe many days just like hers! I pray you have had a FRUITFUL day of "getting it done."

    Bless you today!


  7. Mary,

    Oh my, LOL! I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this because on some days, it can seem like I am "going in circles" as well, but not to the same degree as this poor Dear in the video. :)

    -An Ordinary Woman

  8. Very true! I liked the part of about her being busy, but can't remember what she was doing all day. Exactly how I feel when I try to give an account of my time.

  9. oh-oh! Is that what we have?!
    My hubby and I loved this fun video :-D
    blessings dear friend..

  10. Too, too funny....too too true...it is amazing how mult-tasking can get us in trouble!!
    Thanks for the morning laugh!!

  11. Mary,

    This is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh...and a confession: this happens to me more than I would care to admit. :)



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