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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Swiss Chard, Shallots, Bean Poles and Snow Oh My!

Sunday's and Mondays are Handsome's week-end and that means on Monday's it is our day to get as much as we can done kind of day. We are working full force to get the garden in and make a few extra raised beds. My BIL came up with a great idea for heavy duty bean poles. We had done some logging on our homestead to clear for the water system and also for a fire break. With all these logs we are trying to process them as much and soon as we can. I loved seeing the boys work along side us in the garden

Here is Handsome planting swiss chard seeds....

shallots. And here is the fresh snow just up the mountains.


  1. Wow! Looks beautiful! and...soon to be.... bountiful!

  2. Oh Mary...the view is breathtaking!

    Just knowing that this is what awaits you every morning, I'll never go back inside :-D

    Be blessed sweet friend,


  3. Oh, wow! Snow! I could sure use a little cool air at the moment. Your garden always looks so well cared for. You guys amaze me!

  4. Beautiful, Mary! I hope you'll share some of the 'after' pictures in a few months. Those are some serious poles for the beans! Bring on the the wind.

    I got my garden in in Monday--late, but as it turns out maybe just on time. We had so much rain here in May that people who planted earlier lost their seeds to rotting in the ground or hail. Hopefully I'll have some 'after' pictures to show, too! :-)

  5. What a gorgeous view! You have a lovely garden going, too :) We've put in our garden this last week - tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, bush beans, carrots, lettuce, radish, and potatoes.. :D Our carrots and lettuce are shooting up already!

  6. Mary, that is a gorgeous sight of the snow in the mountains. One of the many reasons that I like blogland is that I get to see something so different from what I have here.

    I've never had swiss chard, either!

  7. Beautiful pictures. Looks like things are going well in your garden. :)


  8. Mary,

    You sure have been busy doing much gardening these days.

    I like the nature view of the snow on the mountain tops. Looks so beautiful!

    -L. Rose

  9. Mary you are so blessed to have that spectacular view!!
    Your garden is going to be fantastic :-)
    Picking the bounty of it with the mountain in the background must be so exhilirating!
    Have a lovely weekend, my friend.

  10. Snow, Oh my! We're having 99 degrees for next few days - and no rain. This reminds me of when I would work in the garden with my father - he taught me to love the soil! I am sure you'll have a marvelous garden!
    God Bless,

  11. Mmmmm...swiss chard, shallots, beans...I sense some serious stir-fry this summer! Seriously, those are serious bean poles, LOL! Your beans'll survive a hurricane now!

    We just got through our annual state homeschool convention (that's why I've been absent for the last 5 days)...I helped some friends at their curriculum booth. Lots of fun, but exhausting and my throat is still sore and tight from all the sales talking! I really enjoyed it, nonetheless. They stayed with us this last night, just left this afternoon. Life should finally settle down now, and once my voice heals I'll give you a ring...sound good?
    Miss you, sweet Mary-Girl!!! {{{HUGS}}}

  12. What beauty. The mountains, the garden, the children...

    Blessings, Debbie


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