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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Organizing My Knitting and Sewing Patterns

I am a pile'r who wants to be a filer and I am always on the look out to make my life easier when it comes to storing what I do want to keep. I had for many years kept patterns in boxes and didn't look at them very often because it meant I would have to dig to get to them. But I came up with a idea that I really like now and wanted to share it with you all. I love bookshelves and it is easy to access things off of them so I put my patterns in plastic slip covers and organize them in three ring binders by what they are. If it be socks, sweaters, scarves/ cowls, mittens, hats, baby knits, and for fun. ( for example baby toys) Maybe one day really soon I will get tabs to divide them. [o; I am getting there slowly but surely.

I am joining my friend Jasmine in....


  1. Hi Mary, Great minds think alike! I do the same thing with my knitting patterns. It does make finding them easier but I still haven't put tabs in my binders either. :o)

  2. Oh Mary,

    What a wonderful idea! This way, you know exactly where everything is :-D


  3. Mary, I love this idea for patterns!

    This is how I store my recipes. It really works well for me as well. I love the fact that the plastic cover can get splashed with food and it is just easy to wipe off!

  4. I keep my patterns and recipes in order the same way! I do have tabs in my notebooks, though. ;) That said, I have many piles and stacks of stuff here and there around my house (a kitchen stack, a school room stack, etc.) and will be tackling them, Lord willing, throughout the summer! I love organizing! Blessings to you and yours, ~Lisa

  5. VERY smart, Miss Mary. My android-organizing daughter would give this two thumbs up.

  6. Very nice way to keep organized! To answer your question, the sewing is on hold. The machine's bobbin winder is broken. I bought a little winder and it doesn't work perfectly. If the bobbin is off just a little, the machine jams up after a few stitches. My father has promised me his 91 year old mother-in-law's old machines. She had 3! Perhaps between them all I can find one that will work for us. One is a serger. I
    will have to figure that out. Anyway, he lives 2 hours away and it might be awhile until I see him. So, the dream is on pause for now. :-)

  7. I just started putting my patterns in a notebook and it has been so much more convenient ant efficient. Love the plastic sleeve idea! I can see how that would keep things even tidier. :)

    * and I too LOVE Little Men. In fact I too may have loved it even more than Little Women so I should have said my favorite was the Little Women series of books!

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. I don't know how to knit - only crochet...and, of course, sewing. :) however, i love to organize, too...great minds think alike. :)

    blessings to you,

  9. Hello dear friend,

    My comments keep going poof when I push send. I am trying a different computer since sometimes my mac will not let me comment on some peoples blogs. Anyway, i really like you she wears a skirt posts. They are great and encouraging. Your knitting project looks great.

  10. Your idea for organizing your patterns sounds great! This will make them so much easier to find, and you'll no longer have to dig for them in unorganized piles. :)

  11. Good idea. I keep mine in folders, I don't have enough book shelf space for more binders, but I do like the idea of them in sleeves. Helps protect them. :)


  12. Yep, that's a keeper-idea! I'm going to do that, too, now. Thank you SOOOOO much!



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