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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shoestring Chic

I thought after all that shopping I did this week end. I get to show a out fit each week for the next couple of weeks at Thrift at Home's meme Shoestring Chic. I tried to get my young photographer to catch a picture of me amongst my long awaited cherry blossoms.

I paid...

$3.49 for the top

$3.49 subtract 25% discount = $2.44 for the skirt

shoes were on 50% off and got them for $35

Total= $40.93


  1. Mary,

    Cute skirt! I wish I could find clothing deals like that around here! :)

    -L. Rose

  2. Oh Mary, you look so pretty! :D

    The colors are so nice and soft.

    Mrs. M.

  3. And by the way...the area that you chose to take the picture - just beautiful! :D


    Mrs. M

  4. Thats what we call the upper orchard. Near my side door where I talk on the phone. [0=


  5. I LOVE the shoes and the great outfit! What a great shopping day you had! Gives me a big smile reading about it! So fun!
    The upper orchard is charming! I imagine you get many a good picture there!

  6. I really love the shoes! Very feminine outfit. And so thrifty. Impressive job. :-)

  7. Pretty skirt and what a great deal you got! I also like your shoes, comfortable but very cute. :o)

  8. Cute, Mary! What a bargain.



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