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Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Very Full Spring Run Off

This area is just above our water box.

Yesterday around here at the homestead was a quite eventful. The spring run off is full force and so much that it is MUDDY waters. Others who have their water boxes below us came up to see if we were experiencing the same. I don't know how high up the creek and what exactly happened but it is a lot more muddy waters than normal. We had to switch off the new water system back to the old well system till the waters clear up. We are in the midst of waiting for my BIL to switch us over so till then ... no water is flowing from our pipes.

I had to take a picture of this unknown mushroom to my hubby and I and today I hope to look it up and find out what it is. I would assume it is poisonous so we did not touch it. In the picture down below shows some all in a row.


  1. Oh my! I am so sorry you are having water problems again. You'd think a big run off would be good for plenty of water! I hope you get it worked out quickly.

  2. Wow...haven't heard the term "water box" and the Mississippi is flowing out of its banks here.

    How interesting on the mushroom...the pictures are just beautiful....I hope everyone stays okay and safe.

  3. Wow, what georgeous pictures. So sorry the water is so muddy. That is a bummer. I'm hoping to get some great water shots this weekend when we go to visit my parents. It's going to be great to get away for a couple of days. Hope you're water clears up soon. :)


  4. Mary,

    You mean to tell me that you have no running water in your house? Oh dear! I sure hope that your BIL can fix things soon.

    It definitely sounds like you've been having some very eventful times in your home these days.

    The picture of the mushroom is weird-looking. I have never seen a mushroom like that. It almost looks like a flower.


    -L. Rose

  5. Creepy looking mushrooms, indeed!

  6. No funning water??? That's just awful. And I will be interested to find out what kind of mushroom that is. Ironically, I just watched a special about how much money you can get for the edibles that you find growing. I agree with you that those sure don't look edible.

  7. Muddy or not...the water flowing at your place is always soooo very beautiful.

    But, ewww, that mushroom does look creepy.

  8. Oh how I remeber this growing up in the PNW! Mud slides, muddy water, loud water! As a child I found it wonderful. But I am sure it is of concern and troublsome.
    The mushroom looks to be in the morrell family but very strange indeed.
    Trying hard to get back into blogging on blogger. Spring time finds me outside. I am blogging mostly at Spark because I really want to reach my weight and exerise goal by August. ( I am going to see my sister again!!!!!)


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